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PES 2019 Editor V.4 by ejogc327


Editor V4 For PES 2019 by ejogc327 (released 14.05 2019)

– corrected some issues (position, appearances), adds +% and -% in global functions.

Download PES19 PC Editor 4th Update

This works for Data files: DT10.cpk (DT36.cpk PlayerAppearances.bin) decompressed (don’t need decompress each file .bin) and EDIT.


The tool edits:
Uniforms (only EDIT files).
Competition entry.
Global Functions.
Correct fake names: Players, Teams, Coachs (CSV files).
Replace repeated players.
Import/Export in CSV files.
Player assignments (DT mode) or rosters (EDIT mode).
Uniforms (EDIT mode).
Selected player or player + appearance.
All players from a team or player + appearance (Only export).
Selected team.
Formation from selected team.
Roster from selected team.


  1. In this version, it is not possible to visualize which team the player belongs to when he plays in a national team.

    The information of the national team the player pertecene is appearing in the field ‘club’ instead of the field ‘nation’

    In some cases (some, not all), at the time of making a transfer, the software did not recognize that a player was already on that team, adding it again, duplicating the player on the same team, this corrupts Option File, being necessary to use the backup.

  2. I don’t know why but sometimes I save the data on the editor but when I open the editor again, it seems like I didn’t save.

    And even when I do some changes in the game, when I open the editor, it cancels all changes I already done.

  3. Hi, great work, my question is: Is there a way with this program to change the stats of the players globally? See my problem starts with PES i know it’s a great game and all but it has major AI problems which drive me crazy, especially for BAL. The “workaround” if you can call it that, that i found which helps a lot is to raise all the stats for all the players 10 points, except CR7 and Messi who are full 99 cause of reasons. Now i know this can happen 1 by 1 but it’s too much work. Sadly the AI is Shit, do things without a brain or they don’t do them at all. And the dt18.cpk that change that are a small fix to a bigger problem. Thank you!

  4. report)

    player skills layout is wrong.
    bottom line is hidden.
    can’t select s13, s26, s39.

  5. The program not found for me. Open EDIT00000000 with program and edit a coach name and save but when open editor into de game there is not any change…

  6. I want to down 20 points of Coverage to all GK, But the global edit dont work with the execo patch.


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