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PES 2019 Editor 3.0 by ejogc327


PES 19 Editor Version 3.0 by ejogc327

Download Editor V3 For PES2019 PC

– new: adds competition entry for EDIT mode and fixes some issues.


The tool edits stats for PES19 PC and works for Data files: DT10.cpk (DT36.cpk PlayerAppearances.bin) decompressed (don’t need decompress each file .bin) and EDIT.


  1. Just use a hex editor like ArtMoneySE or CheatEngine to re-assign values. I use it to stop the ridiculous salary demands of my best players. I don’t even consider it cheating because the AI clubs don’t seem to be held to such high demands by their players so why should the user?

  2. You can edit one league to become a second divison of another? i would like to know how

  3. How can I create my own national team… How can I do that using this tool? Can someone please help me or put out a tutorialfor all those players who don’t have their national teams in the game…. Thank you!

  4. That’s not the point. The point with that tool is to be able to transfer players from other teams to others. Think you’re playing with Real Madrid and use the tool to trasnfer F. De Jong to FC Barcelona. Is a useful tool to have updated the transfer market in the Master League.


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