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PES 2019 DFL-Supercup Scoreboard + Replay Logo​ by 1002MB


PES 19 DFL-Supercup Scoreboard + Transparent Replay

Download DFL-Supercup Scoreboard For PES2019 PC by 1002MB

Supports german/english text and friendly/ML mode for the line-ups:

2nd preview

Supports four TV logos:

3rd preview

Supports german/english text for statistics:

4th preview

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0y4p3w5p75k7n60

Size: 12.6 MB

If you don’t use scoreboard server run CriPackedFileMaker to create a cpk of your favorite scoreboard and activate it with DpFileList Generator by Baris.

If you use scoreboard server choose between german or english text and copy the eight contained folders into “…\content\scoreboard-server”. Then insert the following into your “map_competitions.txt”:

# Random scoreboard for DFL-Supercup in ML mode (with 7 substitutes)
95, DFL-Supercup beIN ML
95, DFL-Supercup FOX ML
95, DFL-Supercup sky ML
95, DFL-Supercup ZDF ML

# Other scoreboards available in friendly game mode (with 12 substitutes)
0, DFL-Supercup beIN
0, DFL-Supercup FOX
0, DFL-Supercup sky
0, DFL-Supercup ZDF

If you don’t want one of the TV logos, just delete the line. Also delete all other lines that contained “DFL-Supercup”.


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