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PES 2019 Data Pack 5.0 and Patch 1.05.00 Released 04 April 2019


The latest update file for PES 2019 Data Pack 5.00 and PES 2019 Patch 1.05.00 has been released today, 04/04/2019 across all platform and includes:

– updated face models, strips and balls
– updated CFA Super League promotions and relegations
– changed the power gauge displayed when performing advanced shots and through balls to yellow and for manual shots and passes to orange.

Here are some previews of new player faces, latest ball and teams updates included:

Diaby Face Fraser Face
Kutuky Face Morita Face

Merlin DP 5.0 Japan National Team DP 5.0 Toyota Thai League DP 5.0 CSL DP 5.0

Updated kits for Argentina, Colombia, Palmeiras and Corinthians:


If you want to check the full list of faces updated in PES2019 Patch 1.05.00 and PES19 Data Pack 5.0 click here – thanks to TheViper12. More details on official Konami page.


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