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PES 2019 Data Pack 3.01 and Patch 1.03.01


PES 2019 Patch 1.03.01 and PES 2019 Data Pack 3.01

* released on 31 January 2019 features:

– Other Updates
– We have removed several sounds from the game temporarily due to unforeseen circumstances . These sounds will be returned to the game’s once all relevant issues have been resolved.

Details PES19 Data Pack 3.01


  1. Yeah and now my master league bugged, because I’ve played with data pack 3.01, played match as Guinea coach and didn’t noticed that PTE don’t work, so after match master league saved and not working on data pack 3 anymore so I have to wait for new PTE now… Konami really should work on better modding possibilities, because all my edited players will be broken now and 5 seasons of master league wasted.

  2. I just can’t play with proton in linux since the update.
    The application start but wen the game data update and the net connection ends shows the main page ans then just close without warnings.


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