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PES 2019 CYPES Patch 3.0 For PS4 and PC


Custom Your PES (CYPES) Patch 2019 V3.0 For PS4 and PC

Download Custom Your PES 3.0

Features 3.0:

– addition of Major League Soccer (United States League) with the 23 teams fully created by wwefan _ pes

Note: manipulation is necessary after installing MLS, we made a quick video tutorial.

– 100 % of national teams in North & South America (real names, replacement of duplicates / Jerseys)

– 100 % of Asian National Teams (real names, replacement of duplicates / Jerseys)

– addition of 4 teams in “other Europe” (100 % of European fictitious teams replaced by real ones): the red star of Belgrade, the red bull Salzburg, and the choice of Belgrade or the dudelange.

Note: Partizan Belgrade and the dudelange crush the same fictional team, which makes you choose which of these two teams you want to add in your game. Details in the tutorial below.

– adding real names and some player modeling for the 2 teams of Legends (with new jerseys)

– addition of details the Turkish League: name of coaches, name + Stadium Attribution

– addition of details for AFC Champions League Teams: name of coaches, name + award of stadiums, Rival Club, banners etc.

– addition of the 4TH JERSEY TO PSG

– correction on 2 kits

– corrections to several national teams in Europe.

/! \ read well everything written below /! \

As planned, two versions are available: a first version ” update ” which requires installed 1.0 & 2.0 (and 2.1 advised) Patches, and a ” complete ” version that contains all the content of Previous Patches, if you haven’t installed a cypes patch yet or if you want to start a new installation again. ;) (Tutorial If you want to start 0: http://www.blogpes.fr/pes-2017-supprimer-patch-4896/)

/! \ konami live update of 11/10 is to apply before installing the cypes 3.0. Patch /! \

▶ Patch Link Cypes 3.0 for ps4 version updated:

▶ Patch Link Cypes 3.0 for pc version update:

▶ Patch Link Cypes 3.0 for ps4 full version:

▶ Link 3.0 patch link for pc full version:

Link for 1.0 Tutorial: https://www.pes-patch.com/2018/08/cypes-2019-patch-1-0-for-pc-and-ps4.html
Link for 2.0 Tutorial: https://www.pes-patch.com/2018/09/patch-cypes-2-1-for-pes-2019-ps4-and-pc.html

/! \ import order recommended cypes 3.0 /! \

The Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/yyNQ2FnobnM

File name reminder
C1 = CHECK BOX 1 AT STEP 6 of the tutorial
C2 = CHECK BOX 2 AT STEP 6 of the tutorial.
C3 = CHECK BOX 3 AT STEP 6 of the tutorial.

If you have a doubt, always check box 3.

1) team group starting with “AFC” (32): no checkbox.

2) team group starting with “C3 _ ang” (2): Box 3 to check.

3) team group starting with ” C1 _ C2 _” (2): YOU MUST CHOOSE TO IMPORT ONLY 1 of these two teams (PARTIZAN BELGRADE OR F91 Dudelande). Box 2 to check.

4) team group starting with ” C2 _ EUR ” and ” C2 _ Legends ” (4): Box 2 to check.

5) team group starting with “TSL” (18): no checkbox.

6) team group starting with “MLS” (23): Box 2 to check. Handling to make the 20 teams in the right league: https://youtu.be/55L_rWImWFY

7) team group starting with ” C2 _ C3 _” (6): Box 2 AND NO 3 to check.

8) Team group starting with “C3 _ NAT” (11): Box 3 to check.

9) team group starting with c2 _ Nat (16): Box 2 to check.

10) team “FRA _ L1 _ PSG _ cypes”: no check box.

/! \ important: – don’t forget that if you want to play 2 with team patches (EX: Bayern) it will need the second player to be connected to an psn account and that it is well up to date With Sony’s terms of use.

After a console update generally, you need to connect with all your psn accounts to accept the latest updates of your info etc.

– in the exhibition menu, if you want to play with Bayern (and all teams created), you will have to disable the live update by pressing r3 at the moment
Team selection.

(this will not affect your data)

External credits
Wwefan _ PES
Angeltorero Kits / Qfabivsmaximo / Lucas RK / 4 n63l _ 77
DMX (PSG Jersey)
Armandrillo kits

Donate: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=FNGL767UNC7DG

// Moderator update @soul_eclipse:

Credits: FK Partizan Kits by BalkanPESBOX.com


  1. i dunno i give u permission to use FK Partizan Kits in u patch. Pls remove at once i will be force u close ur patch once for good. BalkanPESBOX.com

  2. soul_eclipse 12 October 2018 at 21:56

    i dunno i give u permission to use FK Partizan Kits in u patch. Pls remove at once i will be force u close ur patch once for good. BalkanPESBOX.com

    Just get rekt piece of shit, we don’t care a bout your shitty & stupid FK partizan, get cancer & die.

  3. There are players name that starts with a dot. For example: Koulibaly in named .Koulibaly (it could be K. Koulibaly), and on the shirt his name is “Oulibaly”. I have to fix it for every player has this problem. What can i do?

  4. @Simone, I have the same problem. Anyone have a quick solution for this? Is it a converting problem if the original is PS4? Can that be solved?

    I had problems with some national teams name C2 and C3, I checked 2 and 3 but I got an error. Anyone else had this problem? Did you fix it?

  5. Hi.
    I cannot import there’s error message:

    “You cannot import any more images. The import will be cancelled.
    To import more data, first delete unnecessary images using the delete images option.”

    How do i solve this?
    I have applied patch as instructed start from Cypes 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0 update.
    How do i know which images should be deleted?

    Thank you for your answer.

    // To import more data, first delete unnecessary images using the delete images option.

  6. Hi Cypes.

    Thanks for the awesome work . Is there a chance to get Tutorials – for instance on how to set up MLS, or even the complete install – done in English ? I’d gladly provide assistance in that, if you want .

  7. info: DLC 2.0 for pes 2019 is available: to avoid any problems related to the fact that servers are not yet available, uncheck both boxes “Apply Club / National teams” when launching the game . (Ps4 and pc)

    The Cypes Patch does not seem to be impacted by DLC except a few teams to re-move in the leagues, according to our first (tell us in comment if everything is still in place at home)

  8. I have done the patching but noticed couple of issues.
    I check two team after upgrade but they still looks with their default settings. (Iran and Bayern).
    I can see the change if I choose them for competitions and not the Exhibition mode (playare vs player). Have you guys faced same or its only affecting me?

  9. Salut j’ai tenté de télécharger le patch version complète mais cela demande une clé de déchiffrement. Où puis-je m’en procurer ?


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