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PES 2019 Campeón del Siglo Stadium by El_Rubio_UY


PES 2019 Estadio Campeón del Siglo (Peñarol’s Home)

Download PES19 Stadium Campeon del Siglo

Hi guys, here we have the Campeón del Siglo, home ground of the Club Atlético Peñarol (Uruguay). I made it from scratch so I hope you enjoy it.

I will leave two links for download, one with a .cpk file and other with a folder for the Stadium Server.

Peñarol is not in the game, so you can use the .cpk file if you just want to try the stadium, but if you have a patch which includes Peñarol you should use the ejogc327´s tool “Pes 2019 Editor” to obtain the Peñarol´s ID.

This stadium use the 009 ID, so in my case, my map team for the Stadium Server is:

4032, 009, Campeón del siglo, Campeón del siglo # Peñarol

CPK Version + Stadium Server Version:


Password: el_rubio_uy

MJTS-140914, Shawminator, Suat Cadgas, Tunizizou, Jenkey, ejogc327 and Konami.

Update 1.1 – Stadium Server Version NEW!

Flags Updated

(Extract the update and overwrite the existing “Campeón del siglo” folder, replace files when asked). Update 1.1 is only for Stadium Sever.


Password: el_rubio_uy

What´s new?
* Flags with movement (in substitution of the static flags).
* Minor color correction in the Day Fine.


  1. Ahora sé fiel a tu país y haz el Gran Parque Central ahre
    Muy buen aporte che, me alegra saber que hay modders Uruguayos por acá.

  2. It is a pity that no one has made any corrections to the Emirates Stadium – dates in which Arsenal won trophies; the inscription “Arsenal”.
    As in the picture:


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