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PES 2019 Bootpack 9.5 by Paul81118 and Hawke


Bootpack Vol: 9.5 Update For PES 19 by Paul81118 and Hawke

Preview VSN Elite Black Lux Boots

Includes: BootsList.bin / 101 Boots in Total.. 100 available in edit mode.. 1 hidden

Ronaldo boot is hidden from edit mode and is only linked to him directly…no use using a slot for 1 signature boot…other signature boots ie: Messi /Pogba etc will also be linked this way in the future so we can free up slots for boots used my multiple players.

juce / nesa24 for Sider
shawminator for CGPE

mediafire mega

Install CPK Version:
Place the “Boot Pack V9.5.cpk” in the PES2019 download folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\download” & add to DpFileList.bin with DpFileList Generator 2019 v2.01 by Baris.

Install Sider Version:
Place the “Boots” folder inside your Sider folder & add the line cpk.root = “.\Boots” to your sider.ini

NOTE: To use this pack correctly turn off Live Update.
NOTE:2 This is an AIO Pack..uninstall any previous boot packs to avoid conflicts. If you used other people packs you will probably have problems using our packs as the ID’s will be different.. in this case stick the pack you were using before.. I can’t fix this.
NOTE:3 My/Our Packs are compatible with all patches. If you use Switchers and have problems with any packs ask the makers of the switchers not myself or Paul..We take no responsibility for switchers/modules that we have not made.


  1. It doesn’t seem to work for me, I used the Baris v2.01 as you said to make the DpFileList but they don’t show in-game. what can I do?


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