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PES 2019 Boot Pack Vol. 7 by Paul81118 and Hawke


PES 19 Boots Pack Volume: 7 by Paul81118 collab Hawke

Download Boots-Pack Update 7 For PES2019 PC


Install CPK Version:
Place the “Boot Pack V7.cpk” in the PES2019 download folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\download” & add to DpFileList.bin with DpFileList Generator 2019 v1.1 by @Baris

Install Sider Version:
Place the “Boots” folder inside your Sider folder & add the line cpk.root = “.\Boots” to your sider.ini

NOTE: To use this pack correctly turn off Live Update.
NOTE:2 This is an AIO Pack..uninstall any previous boot packs to avoid conflicts.
NOTE:3 My/Our Packs are compatible with all patches..If you use Switchers & have problems with any packs ask the makers of the switchers not me..I take no responsibility for switchers/modules that I have not made.
NOTE:4 I’ve not bothered putting the added boots in brand order at edit screen selection..it’s pointless/time consuming & makes absolutely no difference to the game at all whatsoever.

Includes: BootsList.bin

Credits: Paul81118, Hawke, juce / nesa24 for Sider, shawminator for CGPE.


  1. Great bootpack once again, quality in every boots, just wanted to know if Paul81118 and Hawke would agree to swap some of the boots since we got some “useless” boots, like Diadoria and such, and sometimes to much similar ones, i would like to have more choose available for Adidas or Puma for exemple (by using some older boots from previous edition of the bootpacks).

    Anyway thanks guys for the awesome works

  2. Akira, you must go to evoweb in the official thread to give this opinion. Here Paul and Hawke never will see what we want in the next bootpack.

  3. I will like to have private contact with Paul81118 and Hawke….
    I want to try a private and pay order….


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