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PES 2019 B.I.G. Gameplay Patch by BlackSunIT


B.I.G. Gameplay Patch For PES 2019 PC by BlackSunIT

Download BIG 2019 Gameplay Mod

This is a mixed version of the first mikecpulevel from incas (I found it the more “freeplay no script” until now), players from gabe2 slowversion (more interceptions) and some tweaks by me (sliding, firstcontactmargin, teams that play directly on the field and so on)


I did 3 matches on superstar, 5 min time each and the results are good for me: no script, enough fouls, competitive but credible IA.

Last match was a 1-4 for me (ManU), with this dt stats matters (better to be used with bromi database) and Tottenham had Gazzaniga as gk that did two mistakes, defence was lead by two youngsters (there’s an infamous bug that brings tottenham to selling all the main defenders at the beginning of the master league :CONFUSE:) and so this is it.

Honestly I don’t believe is possible to do more, this is the game until a hope called pes 2020 (just a hope).

– backup original dt18_x64.cpk in
C:\Program Files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\data\
– download new and rename dt18_x64_B.I.G.cpk to dt18_x64.cpk
– replace your old dt18_x64.cpk with the new dt18_x64.cpk


  1. What happened to game speed? It’s just crazy, even -2 speed is too fast. Can you fix it, or make version with slow speed?

  2. BEST patch ever, BUT gameplay speed and pressure from players to high.. and my midfielders get almost 1 yellow card a match.

    Please make gameplay slower, even on -2 it is a bit to fast.


  3. Back to say yellow cards are fine, I play Top Player and this patch is maybe not Coach mode friendly? .. AI is dominating the field most of the time.
    I have a team (Man Utd) with average 80 rating players, but when I play big teams like Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City .. I get at least 2 goals against me in the first half.
    Almost every chance they get is a goal.
    My whole team has those buffs and are in GREAT form (60+), and I get destroyed 4-1 // 3-1 // 5-2 .. seems a bit unrealistic to me.

    Just some feedback, not complaining because this is really a good patch.

  4. Is the best. no other can surpass it in realism, I’ve already tried them all with all the exes, and it’s the best along with mike 2b.
    Try to improve it when you can, because you can get it PERFECT


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