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PES 2019 Asian Challenge Patch For PC and PS4 by Rafael K.


PES19 Asian Challenge OF : K-League and Other Asian Teams

Here is an OF to improve your Asian campaigns!

Download Asian Challenge Option File For PES2019 PC version

It contains the South Korean K-League with 14 teams. The stats are mostly based on FIFA 18 after conversion for the best authenticity !

It also contains the following 6 North Korean teams and 4 Other Asian teams :
April 25 (Korea DPR)
Hwaebul (Korea DPR)
Pyonyang City (Korea DPR)
Kigwancha (Korea DPR)
Rimyongsu (Korea DPR)
Amrokkang (Korea DPR)
Minerva Punjab (India)
Bali United (Indonesia)
Johor Darul Takzim (Malaysia)
Ha Noi FC (Vietnam)

The OF also renames North and South Korean players, removing duplicates from both countries as well.

Idea of Challenge :
Don’t hesitate to add the 6 North Korean teams to the K-League for an All Korea League! I suggest you only recruit North Korean players in that case.
Conquest the trophy and make your leader proud!


I created lots of content, but also borrow some from these creators :
– PES In.Q (some K-League kits and stadiums)
– Angel Torero, TXAK et LucasRK (national teams kits)

Don’t hesitate to completely or partially add my mod to yours, I will just ask to mention me in the credits, thanks.

Procedure for PS4 users until there is a tool to convert TED files:
– Do not import Korea DPR and Korea TED files
– Import all the other files

Rename players by using screenshots as references. The players should appear in the same order and from my understanding there is only one letter to change for each one.

~1.1 update for PC~
– Updated summer transferts for all K-League teams, now all teams including the 4 Korean teams already present in PES have up-to-date roasters
– Updated all teams stats accoring to FIFA 19 with a FIFA to PES stat converter to reflect new season changes
– Added 2018 season kits to the 4 teams already present in PES, since the kits were from 2017 season…
– Added K-League and North Korean teams rivalries
– Corrected some data


Asian Challenge: Korean K-League, North Korean and other Asian clubs PS4 Version 1.1

This Version 1.1 Works For PS4 – by PesBuck

Fixes the issues of no player names or one player in all positions… Used SMcCutcheon’s tool to convert PC version to PS4 version.

Kits are 1024
I did not convert the National Teams.


Kits are 1024
I did not convert the National Teams.


  1. Are you Korean? nice to meet you~~ Thanks for your great works!!!
    Are the next updates planned? Do you have a site that can receive your patch? If it is, let me know the address.


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