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PES 2019 Adboards by chosefsB7 AIO Update 22.11


PES 2019 Adboards by chosefs B7 (All In One) Released 22.11

Download chosefsB7 AIO Adbs For PES19 PC

added adboards by chosefs B7, compatibile with Combined Ads V6


DpFileList Order for PTE

– Combined_Adboards_V6.cpk
– adboards by chosefsB7.cpk

DpFileList Order for Galaxy

– Combined_Adboards_V6.cpk
– adboards by chosefsB7.cpk
– Config_galaxyB7.cpk

– PTE Patch 2019 Update 2.1
– Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2019 1.01


  1. Hi guys, I’m getting an error when intalling this adboard pack, when I edit DPfilelist.bin, my game somehow gets downgraded to DLC 1.3 instead of 2.0 and I had to reinstall my patch and everything. Any clue on what could be wrong? Also, do I hace to have the .cpk file of the previous version of the pack? I didn’t install version v6 as this says it is an AIO pack

  2. Already done it a billion times and everytime I try to apply this pack or the previous V6, my game data pack somehow gets downgraded. I’m using PTE patch and I am following the instructions carefully, anyone has any clue? And does it have to do if I have added more things to my DPFileList.bin? I’ve added a fonts patch for edit mode and the stadium pack, only.


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