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PES 2018 WEHK Community OF v0.1 For PS4


PES 2018 PS4 WEHK Community Option File 0.1 PS4 and PC

Download PES2018 WEHK Community OF PS4

* All fake competition name and logo correction
* All fake team name and logo of correction
* All 2017/18 season Spanish Liga, Juventus kits and more.
* All national teams kits


Thanks to the kit makers permit us to use their works in the option file:
Angeltorero, 4N36L, Erzo77, GE Evolution. (The list will be updated soon)

WEHK (Winning Eleven Hong Kong)

What does “Community” in the title mean?
This year, we are going to make an option file that combines the best “team exports” and make sure they work well in the same edit file (a.k.a. “option file”).

“Work well” can simply means no duplicate players, but our objective is to remove nearly all fake & generic players and clubs.

Which leagues will be included?
After seeing the generic club list, we are planning to include the clubs as follow:

PEU League –> German League
Other European teams –> All UEFA Champions League and some UEFA Europa League clubs

PLA League –> Liga MX
Other Latin American teams –> MLS

PAS League –>
(1st option)
CSL (all clubs) +
Hong Kong Premier League (7 clubs + 1 in-game club)
(2nd option)
Hong Kong Premier League (all clubs) +
Hong Kong lower division (3 clubs) +
1 Macau club +
Auckland City (New Zealand) +
5 clubs from ASEAN +
1 club from India

Does it support Chinese/Japanese version?
One of the OF objectives is providing multi-language version of Option File this year, including team and player names in Japanese language or Cantonese translation. But we don’t have a schedule estimation yet.

Is there any paid service?

When will the OF be released or updated?
We don’t give any estimation on schedule this year after the experience last year.

Our target is to make a collection of community works, although we will make part of them ourselves. We will also provide assistance to the community when we can.

“Failed importing…..” any file?
If you are using Mac, skip the files that its name started with ” ._ “


  1. Other European teams –> All UEFA Champions League and some UEFA Europa League clubs

    WHERE IS APOEL FC from UEFA Champions League?


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