1. What is the TED file, how to apply.
    why all of you just share without tell how
    we are not modder so you have to tell us how to use your file.

  2. Ooooh really!!
    I think you know everything from the first day you were born!!!
    Please do not mock people just because they ask.
    Who thinks he is a genius and does not need such a question, he really does not know anything.

  3. Shut up Wima_2 kid. and now…

    After import the .ted you need to reset the tactics on European Classic.
    Done and bye.

  4. hhhhhhhh
    Now we all here knew who is the kid.
    Take care of you words & try to be kind when you answer the people.

  5. This is a big loss for all PES fans in the world, I feel sad for that.
    I have to find another kid to ask for tutorials lol.


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