1. Another masterpiece after your fantastic Ronaldo…Zidane, please, he deserves a real face

  2. Why everybody asking Beckham and Maradona face? this PES patch has uploaded OFFLINE LEGENDS for you guys!

  3. Batigol face has been uploaded here by @Tiitoo and Ronaldinho face too by some other creator

  4. Please @EdwRic make very very classic striker player such as PELE, GARRINCHA, BOBBY CHARLTON, MARIO KEMPES, ROGER MILLA, and many more!
    I will thank you so much and I love legend players to be aded for my dream team!

  5. Hey i cant find “W. ERVITI” in “FREE AGENT”
    I dled your Ronaldo, which is made great and works, but i cant find this guy in free agent. Can you help me please? Thx


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