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PES 2018 Stadium Pack V.2 AIO by MjTs-140914


PES 2018 Stadiums Pack Fix V2 All In One by MjTs-140914

Download Stadiums Update 2 AIO by MjTs

Stadium List:
[1] Old Traford (st007)
[2] Allianz Stadium (st022)
[3] Allianz Arena (st009)
[4] Stade de France (st012)
[5] Olympiastadion Berlin (st038)
[6] Stadion Narodowy (st039)

Total stadium 46 with Random and Home Field.


Why Allianz arena change to st009?
Because game limited 46 stadium and st011 cant use in UCL mode, and st031 change to st039 replace with Stadion Narodowy.
From old version stadium Allianz Arena contains 2 ID st011 (Exhibiton Match) and st031 (UCL Mode), and in this version use 1 ID only st009.

Credits: KONAMI, Durandil Pes, Itoy, Daniel, Atong Zul, Jayveerk, Tunizizou, Atvaark, All PES-Moders.


  1. [5] Olympiastadion Berlin (st038)
    [6] Stadion Narodowy (st039)

    Doesn’t appear I tried with any patch installed.

  2. Any way to convert Estadio da Luz, Estadio do Dragão and Estadio José Alvalade (all 3 from Liga NOS)?
    I remember they were in a pack for PES 2017, would it be possible for them to be in 2018?

  3. What’s wrong with you Stadium makers!? 1 year and nobody makes or convert from PES2017 Santiago Bernabeu??

    Is the most serious thing that has happened in pes in a long time XO

  4. porque aun no hay nuevos estadios ni parches de actualización para pes 18 ya lo dejaron a un lado y solo se interesan en pes 19 :,(


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