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PES 2018 Smoke Update X19 (version 10.1.8)


PES 18 Smoke Update X19 version 10.1.8 – release 20 April ’18

Download PES2018 Smoke X19 V10.1.8

+ DP4 Compatibility Fix (released 26 April)

– added 8 new clubs (Slovan Liberec, KRC Genk, Standard Liège, Spartak Trnava, Zorya Luhansk, LA Galaxy, Melbourne Victory, Tractor Sazi)
– added 3 new national teams (Bahrain, Trinidad And Tobago, Madagascar)
– updated squads
– updated CSL
– added a lot of youth players
– fixed some kits
– various enhancements

Added new teams:
in every version more teams is added to smoke patch, this version added 3 national teams (Bahrain, Trinidad And Tobago, Madagascar), and also added 8 new teams (Slovan Liberec, KRC Genk, Standard Liège, Spartak Trnava, Zorya Luhansk, LA Galaxy, Melbourne Victory, Tractor Sazi), more teams will be added next versions too.

Updated Squads:
major update for the Latin america teams, most teams finished their transfers and now all applied in this version, if a transfer is missed it will corrected.

Updated CSL:
two new teams is added to the Chinese league (promotion fro 2nd division), the new teams are (Dalian Yifang, Beijing Renhe), the whole league is still under review for enhancements.

Added New Players:
a lot of new players added to the smoke database, around 1000 new players most of them are youth players from B teams are added to the patch and assigned to their respective teams

Various Enhancements:
following tests and reports we always work to correct any issues discovered in our tests or reported by the fans.

mediafire mega

– Download and install smoke full patch X18
This update is for patch X18, be sure to install the patch before updating to X19.

– Run updatesmokeX19.exe
run the installer and choose PES 2018 installation folder, the update must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don’t get errors and that the installer finished successfully.

Update: Konami DP4 Compatibility Fix Patch X19

Download PES 2018 DP4 Compatibility Fix X19

On 26th, Konami released a new data Pack version 4, this will auto update the game via steam and will make the patch incompatible with the new version so the game will start with out the patch features (STEAM USERS ONLY)

This small fix will make the latest patch version x19 compatible with the patch, please read carefully the notes below for more information


It is important to know that this fix will not have the new faces or kits of the new DP, but will be included in the next version of the patch, all new files will be included in version X20 (world cup special version)

PES18 Konami DP 4.0 includes the following:

1- Updated models of the National Team kits
this DP included kits for 25 teams, all new kits (except national kits) are already in smoke patch, updated national kits will be merged with smoke kits, along with updates for world cup participates all will be included in version X20

2- New Boot
konami added one new boot, this is already in the patch

3- Faces
99 new or updated faces will be included in the next patch version (X20)

4- Mini faces
a lot of mini faces included, most of them are already in the patch, the rest will be included next version.

mediafire mega

Installation (steam only): Download and run the fix, after installing the latest update X19, extract the file archive, then run the fix and select the game directory.


  1. I have X17 installed, Can I install X18 and X19 on top of X17?, because X18 doesN’Tt have update 3.0

  2. Misaotra betsaka (Thank you so much) for the NT of Madagascar. I really didn’t expect such thing. I am Malagasy, so proud you though about my country. Cheer up guys! You are doing a great job!!!!

  3. I have stuttering in the game like it suddenly skips frames for a split second. Anyone else has this problem?

  4. Hello, does al the national teams work in BAL, i mean if i put im latvian, i can play for that country in the qualification for the world cup?

  5. I’m new user for this patch i already install smoke patch x18 and x19 Why premier league kits have two logos premier league is that bug?

  6. Many of the kits are from THE WRONG SEASON!!! Avoid downloading. So many flaws. I’m sure you put a lot of work into this but next time double check on your google searches to make sure you’ve got the kit from the correct year.

  7. Hello smoke,congratulations for your great job,when we be able to download te world cup especial patch? Thanks.

  8. Don’t work for me, the game remains in 3.00 (data pack)
    – smoke full patch X18 installed
    – Smoke Update X19 installed + Fix Patch X19 installed too

    Edit : (sorry for my bad english)

  9. amazing job dude there are a bit mistakes in some kits, but nevermind its ok to me, please keep updating this you do an amazing work!!, please can you put MLS too Tank you

  10. Hi, is anyone here with this patch who’s not able to play online? What can I do to solve this?

  11. Just before I enter the game it kinda freezes. it doesn’t stop everything. the musics still plays but it just won’t enter the main menu. help please

  12. X19 compatibility with non-steam

    This is a fix for others to make the patch compatible with the latest version of the game, do not apply for steam because it will have no effect on steam version.



    this is a compatibility fix only, non of the faces or kits from the new DP4 are applied, next version of the patch will include them all.

  13. Hello

    Since the pes2018 has received a new update, this patch does not work. reports that it’s not a new version. Does anyone have a similar version?

  14. Fresh game install. Installed the patch (2 times) incl. updates. The games doens’t change at all.

    Used this before, but this is weird. What am I doing wrong??

    Thanks in advance!


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