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PES 2018 Smoke Patch Update X23 (10.2.3)


PES 2018 Smoke Patch Update X23 [released 19 June ’18]

Download PES2018 Update X23

Main Changes:
– reworked the system files
– included compatibility files
– reviewed world cup teams
– added missing players
– fixed some kits and faces
– various fixes and enhancements

Changes in previous updates (included with this update)
– updated world cup squads
– added new teams (see teams list)
– updated more kits
– added more faces

Update X23 version (10.2.3) is made for patch X20, it can update any version you have starting with X20, no need to remove or install older versions.

Compatibility Issues:
Konami released multiple data packs and game versions lately, every time this happens some files have to be modified to accommodate these updates, this would also result in malfunction with some game version.
Update X23 have a reworked system files included to make sure all games are compatible without any additions.
latest DP version: 4.01 and 1.05.02

Fixed reported Issues:
In previous versions we got reports about some bugs in the game (examples: Nigeria crash when making a sub), these issues is now resolved.
other enhancements regarding players attributes, bugged faces, missing kits and similar issues is now resolved.

World cup squads:
Some players where not present in our database for the world cup, now they are added to smoke database and assigned to their respective national teams.

Classic players in master league:
Reports about some of the classic players appears in master league even with the option is turned off, this issue happens if the master league started with version X21, and should not happen with this version after the teams system files is reworked.
Please note that editing the patch with an external editor will result in this issue, external editors are made to work with standard game teams and would not correctly configure the classic teams and results in classic players appearing in master league, using external editor is not recommended.


– Be sure you have full patch X20 installed
– Download update X23 and extract the installer, run UpdatesmokeX23.exe then finish.

* nothing else is required.


  1. Hi, I have a problem with your recents updates: when I play in exibition champions league match, some kits are wrong (for example inter, bayern munchen, apoel etc.); they don’t have the correct kits. How can I fix this error?

  2. Is it possible to import anothers teams instead of Smoke classics teams ?
    I would like to play with national classics teams.
    I can’t success it.-è

  3. hey, some kits got problem, where the name collide with the number.. please fix it.. thanks


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