1. hey wima tell that which player is showing white shadowing face in pes because ronajdinho is not in the game so he will replace some other player face so tell player name which is showing white shadowing face then i can help you

  2. I used this free player “DEYVERSON” with ID 60618 I choose him to have the same skin color
    but unfortunately show white shadow face

  3. Hey guys here is how I do it

    When you extract the archive you have two folders the first named 1631 & the second named gaucho.

    1- Pick a player to replace (in my case I choose a free player called “Deyverson” with 60618 he have the same skin color as Ronaldinho).

    2- Make new folder named “gaucho” and make this directory inside the new gaucho folder (Asset\model\character\face\real)

    3- Take both extracted folder (1631 & gaucho) & put them inside above directory.

    4- Rename the folder 1631 to 60618.

    5- Make CPK using Cripacked.

    6- Generate Dpfilelist.

    Here is my CPK


  4. i can’t find Deyverson in Pes 2018, who can i find the Player in this Game
    help Please
    I have PTE Patch


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