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PES 2018 Release Date On 15 September 2017


PES 2018 Game To Be Released Mid September – on 15th

According to Amazon shop, the new Pro Evolution 2018 game is set for release on 15.09. If PES2018 PC Next Gen or not, will find out soon, when the official news appears.

With PES 2018 KONAMI will use the excellent responses from critics and the public to provide an even more refined product, with the usual attention to the phases of control and the addition of improvements in the gameplay elements to ensure a level never reached in game management.

PES18 will be available for PC, Playstation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

PES2018 Release Date PC PS3 PS4 Xbox360 XboxOne

PES 18 Preorder Price For PC: EUR 40,98, PlayStation 3: EUR 50,98, PlayStation 4: EUR 69,99, Xbox 360: EUR 50,98 and Xbox One: EUR 70,98.


  1. Sin verguenzas, solo sabeis perder licencias como la liga y libertadores, y encima puteais a la comunidad que hace grande este juego, primero con denuvo, luego nos habeis capado los graficos nextgen y el editor para pc (para priorizar la ps4), luego nos habeis dejado sin los estadios nuevos de los dlcs, luego habeis tardado 4 meses en licenciar las caras de la liga argentina que tenias licenciada en septiembre! y encima nos habeis dejado tirados sin mas DLCs incumpliendo lo dicho! como ocurrio en PES16 que el DLC3 fue el último. Sabes lo que te digo konami? ni una más, iros a timar a otro porque de nosotros no os burlais más.

  2. PES 2018 will only come out as Next-Gen for PS4 and XB1. But will old generation for the PC.

    The year has been 2017 but Konami is still discriminating against the PC.

  3. “If PES2018 PC Next Gen or not, will find out soon, when the official news appears.”

    “PES 18 Preorder Price For PC: EUR 40,98”

    All said

  4. I also want a Next Gen version,but the good thing about not being a NG is that it doesn’t have a high requirments and can be played on older PC’s too.

  5. This year though isn’t “soon” enough. Hopefully PES 2018 will be different what with Bhatti “planning to work on PC next year.” what do u think????????????????????

  6. fruits said that pes 18 for PC will be finally next gen..don’t ask me questions because I can’t answer them unfortunately. Stay put will be a fun year to the pes modding and upgrade your machines

  7. Ins’t discrimination, the game looks like old gen to punish the pc players because of pes 13.
    When the demo of pes 13 was released on steam some hackers unlocked the full game making konami lost a lot of money, after that konami just release demo on the same day of the full game,
    and old gen all of that because of money

  8. Hijos de su madre, encima ya sabemos que PES2018 PC estará de nuevo capado OLD GEN!!
    Como no quieren que no compremos FIFA 17 y FIFA 18 estos japos de mierda? se están cargando el juegos ellos mismos y tienen el mejor pes de la historia en sus manos…

  9. They always want to hide something if the real fans who love so much the franchise they not believe we are real. We are not bots. This is come out of my heart. Please stop with your miserable “fiasco” around the world.


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