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PES 2018 PTE Patch 5.1 OF Update Weekly by Aldivio


PTE PATCH 2018 V5.0 (V5.1) OF Update Week 4

"Download Weekly OF Updates

– Updated League Structures and To The Latest Transfers.

OF UPDATE WEEK 1 BY ALDIVIO – released 5 July :

Download PTE Update WEEK 1


OF UPDATE WEEK 2 BY ALDIVIO – released 12 July :

Download OF Update 2nd Week


OF UPDATE WEEK 3 BY ALDIVIO – released 28 July :


mediafire googledrive

OF UPDATE WEEK 4 BY ALDIVIO – released 25 August :

Download OF Updates WEEK 4

mediafire googledrive

Credit: Aldivio, PTE Patch and Transfermarkt.

Make sure you already have PTE Patch 5.0. Also works on PTE Patch 5.1.


  1. Bro kok gak work ya? Saya pake edit0000.bin itu malah gak kebaca nyuruh overwrite.

  2. missing transfers from several leagues and teams .. I recommend you use the website transfermarkt .. also updates the South American leagues for example the brasileirao and superliga argentina

  3. Pastikan PTE 5.1 udh work dulu baru Install Update OF ini gan
    Dan DLC nya udh yg terbaru ya gan.

  4. Missing transfer fixed. Big Team squad corrected. South America update soon. Thanks for your advice.

  5. it does not work for me, I have replaced the Edit0000 file and not enough that I do not have transfers, the league and teams have taken me somewhere, will you help?

  6. Please, update Arthur in all ways, the new Barça promise.

    And really thanks for your work

  7. Please make sure that PTE Patch 5.1 is already work in your PES 2018, then Install this OF Update

  8. Yes he is! but he doesn’t have real pic and I think, is possible to improve the face :P
    In any case, thanks is the best patch I have seen!

  9. i copy the edit0000 file into the save folder of pes 2018, but nothing happens when i open the game. no transfer at all (no buffon to psg, no ronaldo to juventus). what am i doing wrong? … i have 1.05 patch and data pack 4.00… also i have pte patch 5.1 pre installed… the save folder is on different storage from the game if this have an impact…i will appreciate your help

  10. Se me cierra el juego en liga master cuando voy a pasar la mitad de la primer temporada. Tenes idea de como solucionarlo???

  11. Make sure you replace the older edit0000. Or yuo can delete the older edit0000 first, the copy the new one, because this mod is work in my game

  12. it say to me loading error data come from a different version! You have an idea bro ?

  13. The uniform of some teams is without the collar of the shirt.
    Does anyone know how to fix it?

  14. No se puede descargar te tirar snapchat y te manda de nuevo al mismo lugar ya intente varias veces pasar el snapchat

  15. Lol. This mod is just Option File. How can you got teams without shirt collor?

  16. tutorial :
    1. download PES 2018 Patch 5.0 & Install
    2. download PES 2018 Patch 5.1 & Install
    3. download PES 2018 OF UPDATE WEEK 4 BY ALDIVIO

    Its WORK…

  17. Is it necessary to download and install all 4? Please make an All in One file. Please. Thank you.

  18. sudah saya ganti gan pake dpfilelist generator dlc 4.01 tapi tetep ngga bisa solusinya gimana?

  19. bro, udah gw copy n replace file EDIT000000 ke save2an PES2018.. tapi kenapa kok gak ada perubahan?
    fyi patch 5.0 dan 5.1 gw work kok..

  20. I installed pes 2018 today, i want to have all updates so far, NOW do i have to download from old versions or i can only pick last 5.1 and all updates will be there…. Please anyone help some tips to get updated…..PLEASEEEE

  21. Download PTE 5.0, install
    Download PTE 5.1, install
    Download all the DLC Updates by Konami
    Make sure your patch is work by look at the players and club names,
    Then install this Update by Aldivio


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