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PES 2018 PC Option File Update 9.2 by InMortal


PES 2018 Option File For PC Update 9.2 Season 2017-2018

Download PES2018 PC OF Update v9.2 by InMortal

– Major League Soccer Teams Added (Others Latin)
– National Teams Updates
– Viktoria Plzen Team Added
– Süle, Ulreich Players Added
– Transfers/Update
– Minifaces Sudamerica by rkh257
– New LaLiga Santander and 123 Logos by Deybi Baldeon
– Updates and Fixes
– Online Compatible


v9 (Online compatible)
– Chinese Super League w T/K/P
– Liga MX Players
– Classic Teams E/W
– Team: Istanbul Basaksehir Added
– Val Font Updated
– Transfers
– Fixes

v8.5 (Online compatible)
– Werder Bremen IA bugfix(konami bug)
– Liga/Copa MX with Teams
– Liga Argentina (Chacarita,Argentinos)
– Liga Chile Updates
– Kits updates (and added 3º kit for some teams like Depor)
– Referee kits, lfp,premier etc
– Valencia FC Font
New teams: Maribor, Qarabag, Apoel, Chacarita.
– Fixes and deleted duplicated players.

v8 (Online compatible)
– Liga Portuguesa Kits Update
– Stadiums asigned for LaLiga
– Nº Fixes for Bayern, Uruguay, México
– Fonts for LFP, FCB etc (thanks to abarth,bersuit6,ArGeN)
– Updated Kits: Alaves, Betis, Sevilla, Girona, FCB B etc.
– Celtic FC Added
– Premier and LaLiga2 badges arm
– Fixes and Updates

Update .7.5
– Serie B Kits Update

Update 7.1
-Fix Bundesliga Tactics Bug.
-Updated collar ATH.

Update 7 (Updated for Uruguay)
– LaLiga Logo Updated (Badge LaLiga competition)
– K.COMAN Added (Bayern)
– Some solaped dorsal fixes
– LaLiga2 Managers Updates/fixes
– Bundesliga composition fix. Fake teams moved
– MÉXICO National Team Players
– URUGUAY National Team Players

Update 6

– Ita/France Managers
– Ita/France Stadiums Previews
– Fixes/Updates
– Base color teams fixes (thanks Alberkin)

Update 5

– Bundesliga
– Managers
– Stadiums
– Transfers
– Updates and fixes
:Rafinha Added
:Juan Bernat Added

Update 4

– Bundesliga Updates(WIP)
– Teams Color Fixes
– Ribéry Added
Update 3

– Bundesliga (WIP)
– Italian 2
– La Liga2 updates
– Some National Teams

Update 2

– La Liga/2
– Ligue Conforma/2
– Portugal (90%)
– Italian A

Includes Kits 2K

Competitions and Logos

Option File Only for PC

New step
Copy Documents/KONAMI/ to Documents/
Copy root “PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018” to steam/common dir and replace.

Copy PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 folder to Documents/KONAMI

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  1. The author, you spent so much time, but all in vain. Half of football players have wrong skills, half of national teams do not have a normal form, but there are players who do not play in this team, and there are no players who really play in the team.

  2. Author, you’re just a blind potboiler. Instead of adding an existing player to the national team, which even plays in the club existing in the PES, you create the same player without even having worked out his appearance, instead of adding an already existing player to the national team. Bravo!

  3. Borra todo lo que tengas en la carpeta SAVE y copias lo de este parche,luego copia el dt42_x64.cpk en su sitio correspondiente,descarga la actualizacion dt80_100E_x64.cpk y la copias en la carpeta download y creas un DpFileList.bin incluyendo solo ese CPK con el programa DpFileList Generator v1.0 acuerdate de poner donde pone DLC poner DLC v 1.0 y ya te deberia de funcionar

  4. I’ve downloaded but don’t know how to install on PC. I copy “dt42_x64.cpk” and replace in data folder of directory and also copy 1742 files in “save” folder to Documents/KONAMI/PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018/save…but nothing happens, no changes in game. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

  5. Hola tengo un problema con este parche, anteriormente hasta la versión 9.0 no me había dado problema pero a partir de la versión 9.1 y ahora esta versión 9.2, me esta dando problemas.

    He instalado todos los archivos en las carpetas indicadas pero al momento de correr el juego me envía un mensaje en el que indica que debido a que los datos tienen diferente versión no se han podido cargar correctamente y que debo descargarlos y actualizarlos.

    Por lo tanto cuando entro en la opción editar del juego, los escudos y los equipos me aparecen sin licencias igual como cuando lo instale de cero.

    Por favor alguien me puede ayudar con la solución a este problema, saludos.

  6. I have the “PES 2018 Reddit Community Combined Patch by lfcanfield” (update 2). Is this better (more players, teams, national teams fix, etc.)? If not, which one do you like most?

  7. Edited Data is from different Version.

    What to do now?? I can not get the edit data into the game.
    Thanks and cheers.

  8. Bundesliga still has bugs. I played with Koln vs Schalke. I took corner kick and Schalke goalkeeper was standing outside the box. LOL Also Bundesliga defense all in midfield.
    Please fix it.

  9. Some bundesliga’s teams are with some bugs… on corners for exemple: the goalkeeper desappears from the goal

  10. This is the worst piece of s**t I’ve come across for PES 2018. Mini faces are either blank or sketches for most teams. Bundesliga tactics are bugged with goalkeepers defending outside box. Most importantly…you guys have even changed the gameplay, it is very stiff. It’s not your property, just fix the licenses and other stuff, DON’T PUT YOUR OWN GAMEPLAY HERE. This is S**T.

  11. hola tengo un problema con el option que la selección uruguaya no me aparece con los jugadores reales, yo juego en pc alguien sabe como arreglar eso?


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