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PES 2018 Paulinho V2 (Tattoos + Mini Face) by bmS


PES 2018 Paulinho Ver. 2 (Tattoos and Mini Face) by bmS

Download PES2018 Paulinho Update 2 by bmS

A new version of the Paulinho I made.

This version includes:
– Corrected Face texture
– New Tattoos
– New MiniFace

mediafire mega

Info: I found out that CholelCesc made a Tattoo for him on the 402 tattoos mod, so I adapted that tattoo to PES 2018. I think it will be a V3 because the skin tone of the tattoo doesn’t match with the skin tone of hands.

Prev Paul

Full Images set here:
https://imgur.com/a/KTqk8 (please check 100% worth it)

Installation: You will find 2 folders, each one contains different files.

1) Choose “All in One (AIO)” if you want Paulinho’s Face + Tattoos + MiniFace together in only 1 CPK

2) Choose “Individual” if you want to use either Paulinho’s Face + Tattoos’ or Paulinho’s MiniFace. Both in differents CPKs.

Password: bmSpes

– bmS

Thanks to:
– Futsur (Texture)
– CholelCesc (Paulinho’s Tattoos)
– Tunizizou (Ftex Tool)

Only PTE is allowed to use it


  1. good work, but you also know if the hair on the side and back is cut, please change again, I do not really like to see different players from the video games and real world XD

  2. how to install ? where i should put paulinho cpk file. ? file data or file download or how?

  3. ur Paulinho tattoo by me and CholelCesc
    u take it from my Paulinho
    all tattoo in left hand by me

  4. u just take it from my face not like u say ur Thief
    I took advantage Because i dont preview the tattoo fuckkkkkk

  5. Guys I can use this with PTE Patch without problem… I can share with you guys a patch that I made with all faces (no classic faces) and tattoos released in pes-patch until this day.


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