1. P.S. : Before DLC 2.00 bundesliga was ok every team was there.. after dlc 2.00, bundesliga have 20 teams and are missing dortmund and shalcke which they are in other europeans and in bundesliga are qarabag, we united and viktoria plzen instead of dortmund and shalcke.

  2. Thank you! I’m requesting solution for Bundesliga as well. Borrusia and Shalke are in “Other Europan Leagues” and Viktoria Plzeň and some other are accidentally in Bundesliga instead.

    I tried adding the d1-2 addon as well as generating the list from download folder. What surprises me is that there is only one file in the addon for DATAPACK 2.0 and that is one replacing DATAPACK 1.0 cpk. Could we get some additional instruction, please?

  3. la versión anterior me anduvo bien, esta me entra en conflicto con la data y no realiza nada , se queda todo como el pes de fabrica …

  4. Feel free to watch this video regarding issues you are adressing above and which I was dealing with as well.
    It’s in spanish so it requires you to do a bit of trying till you find the right options but I think it will still be pretty intuitive.


  5. Lo descargué pero no pasa nada, alguien sabe si hay que tener versiones anteriores de este Option File? Por favor.

  6. is there are no updates yet for the winter season now? or you just quit from making option file?

  7. does this require previous dp data pack installed or any previous patches installed ??
    also what are the bugs to this ??


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