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PES 2018 Old Trafford Stadium by CYPES


PES 18 Old Trafford Stadium V.05 by Durandil / CYPES


– Addition of Old Trafford in a new stadium slot, without replacing another stadium.
– The stadium is 100% playable and offers a rendering very close to the other stadiums.
– The day / Fine weather is for the moment the most optimized. It is possible to play with other weather, but there will be almost no difference.
– Commentators talk about the stadium early in the game.

The Manchester United stadium – legendary Old Trafford. Version 0.5 is available now!



Tutorial :

1) Download the .zip file and save it in the Download folder of the Pro Evolution Soccer installation folder (Default path of the Steam version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018\download)

2) Download if necessary (if you have not installed a mod before) the file DpFileList.bin

and save it in the same folder as the previously downloaded CPK file.

3) Unzip the .zip file by extracting the files in the same folder.

(The .cpk file must be present in the download folder)

4) That’s all, good game!

Preview: on youtube and dlinks. Elements that are not yet integrated in this version:

– The Old Trafford tunnel entrance
– The entry of the players by the side of the field.
– Ads on the side of the stands.

INFO: No need to request the creation of other stadiums, because it is a stadium import project and only the stadiums present in the 4 previous PES can be added.


  1. If you can make stadiums that was exist in previous version of pes . please make Juventus stadium or Allianz Arena and there was more stadiums.
    But why not to make Santiago bernabeu.

  2. Santiago Bernabeu is impossible because the last appearance of this stadium is from 2013, and you can not because it is another graphic engine

  3. It is the same game engine “fox engine” as pes 2017 so it’s possible but it’ll look awfull i guess.

  4. No it’s not. The Current Gen Fox engine uses a different stadium structure than the last gen. PES 2017 on the PC was last gen.

  5. i have a question i did put this stadium but i had got twice in the game i don’t know you guys did i something wrong? someone with the same problem?

  6. old_trafford_v05_cypes.cpk place over evowebAds.cpk in dpfilelist

    DpFileList Order.

    EW AB Addon v2.cpk
    EW AB Addon v3.cpk

  7. Generated with dpfilelist and using smoke patch. Stadium doesn’t show up in the game at all.

  8. PES 2017 had most PL stadiums, that have never been in the game. It’s difficult but not impossible

  9. I can’t use it for “home stadium”, to play directly with it with MU. Even if I changed the home stadium in modification menu in the game.
    Is it possible ?
    Thank you.


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