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PES 2018 Nesa24App v1.1 + New Camera Address


PES 2018 Nesa24App v1.1 + Support For PES18 v1.04

Download nesa24app-v1.1-update

*About app:

Over time of modding games i have faced issues that made me make this app
Its a memory editor focused on to be simple for end users

New Camera Address for Nesa Tool – Instructions by digitalfoxx.

CHANGE THE ADDRESS, see : ​https://pastebin.com/41tF7dWa

First of all, thanks tool maker @nesa24

Only Steam 1.04.00 DataPack 3.0

tool downloadURL :

https://www.mediafire.com/file/w06zctdcl7fmlqd/nesa24app v1.1 with modules [STEAM1.3 PES18].zip

older version

MORE INFO on blog!

Note :

– I have updated the module to work on PES 18 v1.04 Steam by the instruction from Digitalfoxx


29 April 18 Update by digitalfoxx : https://pastebin.com/awunvrbW

SteamVerOnly 1.05.00 / DATAPACK 4.0 NewAddress

Note: always a token of thanks to @nesa24


  1. It doesnt work mate..
    when the match is going to start, the game stops running
    … can you make a tutorial or something?

  2. only STEAM PES2018 Ver. 1.05.02 / DATAPACK 4.0.1 New sides code


    side18 = 14124DF20

  3. Is it work for you? Because when I changed code in nesa24.cfg, the game begins but camera doesn;t move and it crashes :(( Help me, my PES is 1.05.02. DLC 4.0.1

  4. It doesn’t work even when I changed the code in nesa24.cfg. :( I;ve got STEAM and DLC 4.01 version of PES. Does enyone know where I can download the current version of NESA24 app with corrects adresses and current BROADCAST CAMERA DISABLER?


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