1. It doesn’t work because players like Ribéry and Coman are made and not in the game. Every player you make gets an unique player ID and it has to be the same as these CPK-files. I tried to use PES2018Editor and export Ribéry and Coman to CSV-files, edited them in XL to the same player IDs as these CPK files, and import them as Ribérys and Comans. Then I tried to save the EDIT-file, but I it looks like this editor program is not compatible with Datapack 2.0, so the EDIT-file in the save folder doesn’t work in-game, unfortunately. Therefore I can’t confirm that this would work. My next step was to replace these edited players with the two in the Pesgalaxy-patch 1.0, but for now I don’t know if this would have worked with a compatible EDIT-file.

  2. Same here I use Dpfilelist gen and somehow it just stops at the start screen whenever I check this file

  3. use the pes 2018 editor v2. which allows you to open the edit00000000 file. from there you can get the assigned ID number for Coman. open the downloaded cpk and reasign the ID number folder to the found ID number. I got it to work this way but the face was just white.

  4. plz de the face for pte:
    F.Ribery ID: 55406
    K.Coman ID: 55408
    Batigol Batistuta ID: 263885
    and thank you


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