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PES 2018 Hybrid Config by theartman


PES 2018 Optimation Hybrid Config by [email protected]

Download PES2018 Hybrid Config Patch by theartman

This is PES 2018 new optimation based from full game, I am calling this “Hybrid” Config.

mediafire sharemods tusfiles

Instalation :
_looking @ Instalation_folder.jpg
_Backup current dt00_x64.cpk
_Paste dt00_x64.cpk

What different from last modification;

_working in full PEs 2018 game database
_all render setting forced to very_low, some setting you can change it in game
_This config was set the “render setting” to this result:

\\ Depth of Field [forced to “off”]
\\ Antialiasing FXAA [forced to “off”]
\\ Texture Filtering [set to “low”] {you can choose “medium” or “high” setting in render setting}
\\ Motion Blur [forced to “off”]
\\ Bloom [forced to “off”]
\\ Ambient Occlusion [forced to “off”]
\\ Shadow [forced to “low”]
\\ Post processing [in game setting]
\\ Lens Simulation [forced to “low”]
\\ Effect [in game setting]
\\ Cloth simulation [in game setting]
\\ Pitchside [in game setting]
\\ Turf [in game setting]
\\ Goal net [in game setting]
\\ Spectator [in game setting]

_recomended setting for performance in PES 2018 “Render Setting” is “low”

_if you need more best result in render image, you can choose “medium” or “high” setting or do any “custom” setting

_used Camera Setting Dynamic Wide Custom zoom “10” & height “10”

_running game on 50fps desktop resolution setting for more fps

[email protected]


  1. still be Fps drops and it’s not good on my Laptop. You should fix No Crowd Patch by GOALARG, removes all chair in stadiums.

  2. this is good, and work perfectly. but have a problem in 60fps. still have some lag.
    have to playing in fps 30.
    can u solve it for fps 60 ?

  3. I still have problem in the corner areas (where appears more parts of the stadium and the people media). There is a solution?

  4. mas, saya mau pake setting dof. tpi kan setting dof nya udh di forced off. lah caranya biar ga forced off gimana ya?

  5. How can i uninstall please, i don’t like game graphics now,
    Everything is forced to low. I cant seem to get good graphics from the render settings even at “high”
    I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, the graphics is still poor
    I’d appreciate your reply


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