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PES 2018 FMDL Face Editing Tutorial 3DSMax and Blender by TwistedLogic


PES 18 FMDL Face Editing Tutorial 3DSMax and Blender

Scripts and tools needed for importing and editing FMDL files:
1) Autodesk 3DSMax (I believe any 201x version will do)
2) Blender (any version that supports .3ds import)
3) GzsTool.v0.5.3 (or any newer) by Atvaark
3) MGSV FMDL PC/PS3 scripts for 3DSMax by Jayveerk
4) MGSV Scripts for 3DSMax by Jayveerk from NexusMods.com. (Paid subscription)

The reason for GzsTool’s crash/error on unpacking is due to some of the .fpk files being encrypted. The tool doesn’t recognize those files as valid pack.

Not every FACE ID, not every face.fpk can be unpacked with GzsTool

“Works if you edit the UVMap with 3DS Max” (Txak)

“It looks like we won’t be able to edit some invalid .fpk inside until we don’t find any way to decrypt the files.”

For those who get error/crash on GzsTool – avoid unpacking face IDs from 16 to 250, some of them are corrupt. EDIT.BIN player database starts at face ID 745 (Aaron Hughes).

In the tutorial I’m unpacking face ID 7474 (Nene from CR Vasco Da Gama) and importing the edited model on Nikolay Bodurov (ID: 43414) default face.

– How do you fix eyes position?
Move the face 3D to fix the eye position (aoto WECN’s Face Maker)
The 3DS file only be imported / exported once, and cannot be used second time.

Eyes & mouth position are located in face_diff.bin

“Eyes & mouth position are located in face_diff.bin definitely. It’s all HEX code basically, so we need another tool (standalone or blender one), the other one being a face decrypter. One thing for certain – there isn’t much I can do, not a programmer myself.”

Solution to KONAMI original texture appearing over unmade player face. Only renaming IDs with the same length is working for now. (Example: 3603 De Rossi to 1039 Stuani)

Credits to MarioMilan for noticing this problem.

When you import a .fpk on unmade face ID, the original KONAMI texture is kept. For example you take De Rossi’s (ID 3603) face and import it on Bodurov’s default face. When you finish creating Bodurov’s face & hair textures in Photoshop, pack to .fpk and import it in game, PES will still display De Rossi’s face & hair textures. The reason for this is the code at the end of face_high.fmdl and hair_high.fmdl. (highlighted in the pic below is De Rossi’s ID folder path)


The solution is to change the ID path value (De Rossi’s ID 3603) to your desired player ID in both face_high.fmdl and hair_high.fmdl.


  1. Will you guys be able to import PES 17 faces now to 18?
    Or do you have to do all the work from scratch?

  2. Create…
    See “KONAMI faces can be edited and imported on players with generic faces as in Bodurov’s case in the tutorial video.”

    Eye position can not be changed?
    Try: After you finish in Blender, go to 3DSMax, insert the Blender .3ds file and run all four scripts (MGSV Face Injector, MGSV Normals Injector, MGSV UV Maps Injector and of course the MGSV Vertex Injector) on face_high.fmdl

  3. And import PES 2018 faces to PES 2017. I think we have people who can’t play PES 2018 with bad PC.

  4. When edit a face, for example put the model face ID:4000 on face ID:4001, the new model replace the old but in both ID’s :S


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