1. Ooo it’s magnificent! Thank’s a lot Stels, please create African legends such as Roger Milla + Valderrama

  2. Can you make This amazing file for Pes 2017 too
    please you are agreat face maker please make it for pes 2017 too pleaz

  3. Fantastic!
    Simply incredible, lack of lampard,Shevchenko and Pirlo think of these in the next works

  4. please bro please i have did every think what you guys saying here but still
    not work always shows half zidane and half robben please what is wrong

  5. thank you bro so much,
    finally worked just beckham disnt want to change the id its says (cant find id)
    please if you have another id for beckham give me i will be thankful.

    and did you tested others faces because there is more 7 players,

    who are they??

  6. @WIMA_02 could you please send an file with the Brazilian legends above replacing unknown players?

  7. I need cafu and Ronaldinho. I do not know why I can not do it with them. Thanks wima02

  8. @YG @Jose angel there is better face for Ronaldo & Ronaldinho I recommended to you.

    Note: for Cafu & Roberto Carlos both are exist just use “PES2018Editor by ejogc327” to unlock them by transfer them to any team you want.

    1- Ronaldinho: (for me I use the one by Kleyton)
    replacing Deyverson ID: 60618 (free player)

    2- Rivaldo (replacing M. SOUGOU ID: 37715)

    3- Cafu (Already exist in DLC 3 ID: 1625)

    4- Ronaldo by EdwRic
    Replaces “W. VAINQUEUR” in “FREE AGENT”

    5- Roberto Carlos already made by KONAMI & no need to have another face, you just need to unlock it using “PES2018Editor by ejogc327”

    6- PELE : Replacing T. FOSU-MENSAH ID: 111452


  9. Also I included mini face for these legends
    also I have “Henry, Zidane, Kaka, Drogba & Adriano” working without problem+mini face.

  10. Hey thanks alot but can u replace this “Ronaldo by EdwRic” by Ronaldo in this patch ?

  11. Hey thanks alot but can u replace this “Ronaldo by EdwRic” by Ronaldo in this patch ?

  12. WIMA_02, thank U once again for sharing your CPK, you are a true legend because most of us cant make the original faces by Stels work without replacing the original players ;)

  13. Can someone teach me to do this? I have Paypal, i can pay you. I just want to add classic brazili kit and Ronaldo Nazario.

  14. Can you teach me how to get them in my Pes 2018 because when I download , I don’t get any cpk file. , Can you fix my problem , I just knew , generating cpk file by generator file dplist

  15. amigos vcs tem a cpk dessas lendas pes 2018

    * L. FIGO (NUEVO)
    * M. SALAS (NUEVO)
    * O. KAHN (NUEVO)


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