1. Aqui não faz efeito no jogo. Patch BMPES 3.0.
    Faço as alterações no EDIT000000, aplico e salvo, mas quando entro no jogo nada muda.
    Testei o BEDIT00000 tbm e nada.
    Alguma ajuda!?

  2. This has no effect in the game. Patch BMPES 3.0.
    I make the changes in EDIT000000, apply and save, but when I enter the game nothing changes.
    I also tested BEDIT00000 and nothing.
    Some help!?

  3. What are you editing? If players, do you check Edit Player when you edit each player?

  4. Cada vez que cambias la opción de pantalla pierde los datos editados, tienes que darle a APPLY una pestaña a la izquierda, y cuando acabes a SAVE.

  5. Evertyhing is working fine but player names: in game i see the old name of the player i edited while shirt name is correct. Maybe it is an issue with the language used by the game (italian)? How could I fix it?

  6. I’ll try, but it’s hard. The tool is not a trojan. You can add an exception in your antivirus if you want use it.

  7. I’m sorry but why when i edit player in this application i can’t save when i edit players in edit menu in pes 2017?


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