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PES 2018 Editor v1.0 by ejogc327


PES 2018 Editor Version 1.0 by ejogc327

Download PES2018 Editor Update 1.0 by ejogc327

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This tool edits:
Competition entry.
Import/Export in CSV files: Players, Teams, Coachs, PlayerAssignment.
Global Functions.
Correct fake names: Players, Teams, Coachs (CSV files).
Replace repeated players.


  1. I get this error “E02: ERROR LOADING OPTION FILE”, when opening the option file, any ideas why? thanks.

  2. I can confirm this version is not loading PES2018 Option File. The previous version 0.1 loaded the same Option File just good.

  3. Can’t edit player on Master League (I don’t test it). When you edit a player, teat, etc., is mandatory check Edit Player or Edit Team, etc.

  4. I think so. You need open the file of PES 2018, Export all, then open the file of PES 2017 and Import this file. I don’t test it yet. Try it.

  5. It’s possible to remove the logo and kit licenced without changing on the cpk and use only the option files? I want to remove the licenced teams to make new teams. Thanks.

  6. go to player in PSD, go to pes 2017, press Copy to Clipboard to PES EDITOR, in tool, go to player, and press on button PSD, check Edit Player

  7. I was wondering if this would work in this situation.. i want to be able to Edit the Team “call names….With the default vanilla game this is easy, but i have installed Dino Smoke patch and Team name editiong is blurred out will I be able to edit this data using this tool, also is there a tool to edit and create chants?

    Thank you


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