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PES 2018 Adboard Pack Vol. 1 by Hawke


PES 2018 Adboards Pack Vol. 1 by Hawke (release 11.11.’17)

Download Adboard Pack 2018 by Hawke

Notes: This pack does not yet work with the Evo-Web Community Pack as I have not integrated it, I will do this over the next few days. So if you want to use this pack you will not see DrDoooMuks video adds until I’ve had time to update the Community Pack.

It does include majuh’s boards as these boards are based on his (thanks mate ) so are already integrated into the config.

mega tusfiles


  1. Todas las vallas estan bien hechas menos las de la liga española que es la unica que me interesa, joder macho, como puedo arreglarlas para que no salga la publi comprimida?

  2. please combine EvoWebs, europian addon, chosefs & Dr.DoooMuk ‘s packs into one cpk file. that would be the best.


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