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PES 2017 VirtuaRed Patch 2017 v1.0


PES 2017 PC VirtuaRed Patch 2017 v1.0 Released 05.12.2016

Download PES2017 VirtuaRed Patch 2017 Update 1.0

– Compatible with Konami’s DLC 2.0.
– All the competitions have been renamed. Created the competitions: Bundes, Liga MX, J. League, Libertadores.
– Renamed all the non licensed teams and also the short names (3 letters).
– All the teams licensed into database. Licensed the team Old Boys.
– Stadiums assigned to their respective teams and national teams.
– Linked all the adboards to the competitions, teams, and national teams.
– Real groups for Champions League, based on 2016/2017 season.
– Reordered the Other Europeans and Latinoamericans teams.

Edit file:
– All the balls assigned to the correct national & international competition.
– Sleeves budgets linked to the specific competitions.
– Squares created for teams: Wolfsburg, Bayern, Monchengladbach, Mainz, Leipzig, Dortmund, Leverkusen, Schalke.

This patch has the best and more complete faces compilation that you will find. We have a great collection formed by 2026 faces and hairs of players, all of them in the best quality and 100% tested ingame. We have chosen the best face for every player, and the most updated hair.

– Original kits for Serie B, LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 1/2/3, and also Juventus, Sassuolo (Serie A). The best quality is guaranteed.
– Original referee kits for UEFA Champions League, AFC Champions League 2016, Copa Bridgestone Libertadores. Added generic Adidas kits.
– All the sleeves badges have been replaced by the official ones in all the competitions.
– Generic Nike shin pads.

– All the default gloves in HD quality.
– Added standard Nike player gloves.

All the default boots in HD quality.

Big compilation formed by the official balls of all the competitions included in the game (both national and international competitions). It also has been included the winter season models.
List of included balls:
Adidas Argentum AFA 2016
Adidas Beau Jeu UEFA Euro 2016 OMB
Adidas Brazuca FIFA World Cup 2014
Adidas Brazuca FIFA World Cup Final Rio 2014
Adidas Cafusa FIFA Confederations Cup 2013
Adidas Conext15 Copa de S.M. el Rey
Adidas Conext15 Supercopa de España
Adidas Errejota FIFA Club World Cup 2015
Adidas Errejota J-League 2016
Adidas Errejota Liga NOS 2016
Adidas Errejota OMB
Adidas Errejota Winterball OMB
Adidas Marhaba CAF 2015
Adidas Nativo MLS 2016 OMB
Adidas Pro Ligue 1 15-16
Adidas Pro Ligue 1 Winterball 15-16
Adidas Tango 12 Emperor’s Cup 2014
Adidas Torfabrik 15-16
Adidas Torfabrik Winterball 15-16
Adidas UEFA Champions League Finale 15
Adidas UEFA CL Finale 15 Powerorange
Adidas UEFA CL Finale Milano 2016
Adidas UEFA Europa League 15-16 OMB
Adidas UEFA Super Cup 2015 OMB
Derbystar Brillant APS Eredivisie 15-16
Mitre Delta Fluo Hyperseam FL 15-16
Mitre Delta Hyperseam Capital One 15-16
Mitre Delta Hyperseam Football League 15-16
Mitre Delta V12S Football League Playoff 2015
Nike Ordem 2 AFC Asian Cup 2015
Nike Ordem 2 CSF 2015
Nike Ordem 3
Nike Ordem 3 AFC 2016
Nike Ordem 3 ANFP 2016
Nike Ordem 3 CBF 2015
Nike Ordem 3 Community Shield 2015
Nike Ordem 3 CSF 2016
Nike Ordem 3 EPL 15-16
Nike Ordem 3 EPL Hi-Vis 15-16
Nike Ordem 3 LFP 15-16
Nike Ordem 3 LFP Hi-Vis 15-16
Nike Ordem 3 Pink FA Cup 15-16
Nike Ordem 3 Serie A 15-16
Nike Ordem 3 Serie A Hi-Vis 15-16
Nike Ordem 4 Ciento Copa América Centenario 2016
Puma evoPower 2.1 Match Serie B 15-16
Uhlsport Ligue 2 OMB 15-16
Uhlsport Ligue 2 Winter OMB 15-16
Voit Dynamo Liga Bancomer MX Apertura 2015
Voit Dynamo 2.0 Liga Bancomer MX Clausura 2016

– All the team, national team, and leagues logos are in HD. In addition, all the non-licensed teams logos have been replaced by the original ones.
– Added TV logos for Exhibition, Master League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, AFC Champions League, Copa Libertadores.
– New background for screens: “Press any button”, “Loading”, “Edit”, “Match”.
– Button and gamepad replaced by the Playstation 4 ones.

– Added a very complete stadiums pack. All the stadiums in a very high quality and with updated adverts. This pack extends the number of available stadiums up to 40 (39 real + VirtuaRED stadium). Stadium list:
Giuseppe Meazza
Estádio do Morumbi
Estádio Urbano Caldeira
Saitama Stadium 2002
Estadio Antonio V. Liberti
Estadio Alberto J. Armando
San Siro
St. Jakob-Park
Emirates Stadium
RCDE Stadium
Borussia Park
VirtuaRED Stadium
Estadio de Riazor
Wembley Stadium
Old Trafford
Estádio da Luz
Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán
Benito Villamarín
Allianz Arena
Stade de France
La Rosaleda
Santiago Bernabéu
El Sadar
Juventus Stadium
Estadio de Balaídos
King Fahd International Stadium
Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes
Parc des Princes
Estádio Jose Alvalade
Vicente Calderón
Olympiastadion Berlin
Stadion Narodowy Warsaw
Stamford Bridge
Amsterdam Arena
Estádio do Dragão
Ülker Şükrü Saracoğlu
Etihad Stadium
– Added original adboards for all the national and international competitions. Also added adboards for some specific teams (Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, LiverPool FC, Manchester City FC, Manchester United FC, FC Barcelona) y and national teams (France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain). New generic adboards.
– Better turf textures for the the stadiums.
– Improve the rain effect.
– Added animation for trainers (during the match).

Installation: download and unzip the ten parts, then, install the patch executing the installer and just play the game!


* Parts 5 and 7 Alternative MIRROR’s added.

* If you detect any link down, let us know contacting by email: [email protected]
** You can share this patch, but please respect the original links.


Special thanks:
– Very thanks to the VRED Team members: Txak, Cronos, Juaniyo, Secun1972, Meryoju, Tote_Alkor, Gnen, Tibinator, and Tizziano. Without their help, this patch and its updates wouldn’t be possible.
– Eternally grateful to people like Juce, Obocaman, Barcafan, Jenkey1002, Goldorakiller, [email protected], or Razib_46. Their tools make us easier the edition task.

– Database completely edited and managed by Txak.
– Home stadiums linked to respective teams by Txak.
– Adboards linked to competitions/teams/national teams by Cronos.

Edit file:
– Sleeves badges and balls linked to respective competitions by Cronos.
– Original squares edited by Txak.

– Faces compiled and tested by Gnen.
– Faces and hairs by 3011HD, Abdallah Tamer, Adit25, Alief, AlirezaFree, AM, Amir27, Amir.Hsn7, Anaz87, Andrey_Pol, Andrews, Autentiko, Aykut Salih, A. Mussoullini, Bahty, Bekzadaev, Bono10, Bou7a, Brunowygno, Burgos, Carzg, CgM2k7, Cleiton Silva, CR7facemaker, DanielFacemaker, dantezalazar, Djony,DzGeNiO, Elmodamer, EmreKaya, EmreT, Euler, Everest_9, Fede, Fampei, Fampei89, Fasemc, Football, Footballmania, Futsur, Gleidson, Gonduras2012, Grkm, Gytteboy, Hamiz, Hawke, H.Ashkani,HD3011, IamnotAdamBhatti, IDIZ, Jack, Jonathan, JuanM, Juegav, JR, Kairzhanov, Kelvinchan327, Kingsley, Kruptsev, Kukus, L.G.R., love01010100, Lucas, Luis, LuzDa, MarioMilan, Mauro, maxi534, Mayo, Memer, M.El3raby, MinchoSheen, Milagro, MoHa, Oguzhan E, Oguz Emre, oleh, Ozy_96, Pantel_G, Pogoss, Prince Hamiz, Prince Shieka, Professional, Rafael, Rahul, Rato, Razor, Rednik, Remi, Reus11, Rio, SantanAji, Sameh Momen, Saviogoncalves1995, Sekiz, Shaft, Shaggy, Shamrik_Gunners, siuhangtam, Sotirakis, Spirit, Spiritusanto, Steet, Stev King, Sunbast, Tarcisio, Tunizizou, TwistedLogic, Vlad_R, WER, Windhook, Wygno, Yasin02, Zikri, Ziutkowski, Znovik_S.
– Faces by Tarcisio with MROCK77 sponsorship.

– Kits by selfbias77 (4N63l), Carrasco, Cronos, Juaniyo, meryoju, Motta, NemanjaBRE, PTE Team, Tote_Alkor, Txak, VirtuaRED TEAM. Special thanks to nemanjabre and mota10 (PTE TEAM).
– Referee kits by Cronos.
– Sleeves badges by Cronos.
– Shin pads by Cronos.

– Goalkeeper gloves HD linked by Txak.
– Player gloves by Cronos.

– Boots HD linked by Supalids.

– All balls compiled and tested by Cronos.
– Balls by Cronos, danyy77, ppaaggpp, sarjonoo, SG.

– Scoreboard TV logos by Txak.
– PS3/XBOX360 buttons and GamePad by A20Group. GamePad PS4 by Cronos.
– New screen backgrounds by Meryoju.

– Adboards compiled and tested by Cronos.
– Adboards by Cronos, G-Style, Hawke, Majuh, Mephobia, supalids, Txak.
– Stadiums compiled and tested by Cronos.
– Stadiums by BlackBull, Boonaun, Cronos, Konami, Peterodon, Tizziano, Txak, Vangheljs y Yucel11.
– Mod Camp Nou v2 by Txak.
– Stadium previews by Meryoju, Cronos.
– Turfs by Cronos, Fruits, l4vezz1.
– Rain effect by Fruits.
– Coach animation mod by -InMortal-.

* Rogamos que, en caso de haber algún error en los créditos o de que falte alguien, contactéis con nosotros a través de nuestro email: [email protected]

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  1. Azerbaycanlilar Pu Patchda Qarabag Ve Qebelede var Gozunuz aydin!!!
    Gedim tez yukluyum ela patchdi!!!
    Thanks you VirtuaRed for Qarabag And Gabala!!!
    The Best Patch Of Pes 2017!!!!

  2. It’s amazing that all Stadium Patchmakers (Estarlen Silva, Donyavia, VirtuaRED) have added nonsense Stadiums like Saitama 2002, King Fahd International Stadium which are worthless to assign to any European team but have not implemented

    >Stadio Olimpico (home of AS Roma and Lazio)
    >San Siro and Giuseppe Meazza are not assigned and unique to AC Milan and Inter Milan, respectively

    These stadiums existed in PES 2013 onwards until 2016, so why are they not implemented in 2017 ?? Very disappointing.

  3. 1. Boots of some players are missing during game !
    2. Managers are not at the clubs that should be !
    3. How to fix lag ?!


  5. I’ve installed three times and i have problems with squads and real names. I do not know what else to do. i removed all patches previously installed and made it clean to install this but even though i have problems. any help?

  6. yeah. many boots of the players are missing and it is not that much noticable while you play,but in the replay you see it and that’s annoying.please fix it. that’s the only problem i’ve seen so far,otherwise the patch is great.

  7. I am stuck at kick off in every game style. There is a circle in bottom left corner keeps going around and around and around. FROZEN !!!

  8. Make sure you are using the latest DpFileList Generator v1.8 + DLC2.0 by Baris. I had the same issue but its fixed now.

  9. haber pongaselos a hacer usted que es bien facil, deje de criticar y valore el trabajo de los creadores

  10. Hello
    I have questions please
    – how many clubs exist in “other teams europeans”
    – is there a new camp stadium
    – is that there are the faces for the classic players
    thank you

  11. Hello
    I have questions please
    – how many clubs exist in “other teams europeans”
    – is there a new camp stadium
    – is that there are the faces for the classic players
    thank you

  12. una ayuda por favor!! Al momento de jugar un partido y cuando cabal se muestra que esta apunto de iniciar el partido se queda cargando y nunca carga. Alguien podría decirme como solucionar ese problema…


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