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PES 2017 Update Option File PTE 6.0 by Zulfi Ali Akbar


PES 17 Update Option File For PTE Patch 6.0 – 14.08

Download PES2017 Update OF PTE 6.0 by Zulfi Ali Akbar


-> Update per-12 agustus 2017
-> Upgrade rating sebagian pemain yang performanya baik musim lalu ( menyesuaikan FIFA per-10 agustus 2017)
-> fix homeground sebagian tim
-> fix formation tim
-> fix mini face
-> fix rival club
-> Fix pemain NegaraEropa etc per-12 agustus 2017 (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Netherland, Portugal, Spain, Argentina dan Brazil,etc)


  1. Thanks, Hagi Adrian!

    FIX FOR DOWNLOAD: For those experiencing difficulty downloading the EDIT file due to Google’s restriction on multiple downloading of single files
    1. Login to your Google account on the same browser
    2. Refresh the EDIT file download page, use the “move to drive” option
    3. Go to your Google drive and make a copy of the file, then download the copy.
    That’s all!
    Happy playing!

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    bro,, help di upload di mediafire atau alternatif lain..


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