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PES 2017 Update 1.02 Released 27 October 2016


PES 2017 Official Update 1.02 Released 27 October 2016

Download PES2017 Update 1.02

The most waited october update has been released today. Check the PES2017 DP1 details.

The latest patch file is now available. The contents are as below:

*The items below have been fixed
・Sometimes, a forced crash of the game while editing the [Select Image] of the Home Ground Settings, for each team in the EDIT mode and then immediately cancel, just after entering the match menu window.
・The edited Home Ground Settings would not be displayed, if you play in the away side of Master League or Become a Legend.
・Transfer Negotiations would not be able to offer to some players, if you meet the specific conditions in Master League.
・While APPLY LIVE UPDATE is being applied and meet the specific conditions of Mark Settings in the Game Plan of Master League, if you switch players in the Player Details Window, the game would be stopped.
・The game would be stopped, showing an error message of [CE-34878-0], if you take a specific procedure in the Squad Management window of myClub mode.
・Sometimes the shoot gauge keeps showing in the replay window of TEAM PLAY LOBBY matches.
・Importing multiple team data at once, the game sometimes crashes.

*The items below have been improved
・The position of the cursor display has been changed, when the [Blimp] or [Fan View] is selected in the [Camera Type] during the match.
・Even as players have been edited, player images in the Game Plan are kept as original.

* Minor adjustments have been made to a variety of modes to improve the general gaming experience.



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