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PES 2017 Tattoo Pack 350 Full Body Tattoos Remake by Feb rian


PES 2017 TattooPack 350 Full Body Tattoos by Feb rian

Download PES2017 TattoPack 350 Full Body Tattoos

– New Faces, Skins, Tattoos (350), Tattoo Legs, Tattoo Skins, Tattoo Textures
– Compatible with Low, Med, High Settings and DLC 3.0


Make Backup for your EDIT000000 File!

1- Extract all files.
2- Extract file tattoo_appearance_2017_edit – v1.1.Rar into a “new folder”
3- Copy file EDIT000000 and id_list into “new folder” created previously
4- Click on the file “tattoo_appearance_2017_edit” and then it will generate a file EDIT00000000_encrypted
5- rename the new file EDIT00000000_encrypted to EDIT0000000. Then copy it and paste it into the SAVE folder
6- Then copy 350TATTOOREMAKE_FB.cpk into the DOWNLOAD folder
7- Generate a new dpfilelist.bin
8- Play!

Credits: Feb rian, Marcéu, Sofyan Andri, Amir.Hsn7.


  1. disculpas pero he seguido todos los pasos pero nada no estan los tatuajes de los jugadores ¡¡¡
    ayuda porfavor

  2. Somebody help me please….
    What can i do to fix it…..
    File “tattoo_appearance_2017_edit.py”, line 116, in
    File “tattoo_appearance_2017_edit.py”, line 70, in processEdit00000000
    UnicodeDecodeError: ‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte 0x86 in position 11: invalid start byte

  3. Don’t put the news faces in the tattoo pack, because it’s not possible to change this in the patch

  4. tattoo doesnt appear when on gameplay on medium setting, but appear on replay and edit mode


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