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PES 2017 T99 Patch V2.0 AIO For PC


T99 Patch Version 2.0 For PES 2017 PC Released 03.09 ’19

New season update 19-20;
Updated transfers until 02 September 2019;
The addition of several teams from Indonesia.

Download T99 Patch PES 2017 Update 2.0 All In One

What is fixed:
Changes to the system of assigning IDs to players that are not in the Konami database.


How to install
Before installing, delete or backup the old patch first
This patch does not require datapack 1-3, delete or empty the download folder
Click “Setup” Run as administrator
Enter the password “tauvic99.blogspot.com”
Choose the location to install PES 2017 correctly
Wait for a moment
Done, t99 patch has been installed
Don’t forget to re-generate DpFilelist if you add a new mod.

Patch Information:
This new patch version is not an update from the previous version.
This patch is made specifically for those who like mod tweaking brains, for novice users if confused about how to install mods, you can ask questions first to the PES group on Facebook
Master league mode, Become a legend and others must start anew.
For mod kits packs, accessories, stadiums and others, you can use mods that you have before
Especially for mod face, for facepack a (facepack that uses the konami id) while it can still be used, for facepack b (non konami id) do not use, just wait for the next facepack update.
Starting this version and later (if I am still updating) the system of giving a non-konami player id that is using an id ranging from 70 thousand to 90 thousand, besides that all real id, and if you find a player who has a real konami id but in this patch use a non konami id please info to me to be fixed.
This patch is not perfect and will not be perfect, updates and improvements will be done regularly.

Credits: Konami, Ejog327, Devil.Cold52, MjTs-140914, zlac, lagun-2, jenkey1002, Baris, Suat Cagdas (tools), NFS_FM, Albiore (database id), Peslogos, Sortitoutsi, fmdata, futwiz (logos, minifaces), PTE , pesworld (ps4 bundesliga player values), pesfan.it (ps4 seri b player values), ggdaris (ps4 asian national team player values), JuanIgnacioSP (ps4 conmebol player values), purp mete (list, id player segunda, bundesliga, seri b), Tisera09, hawke, cronos, eslam, geo_craig90, predator002, Az Mods, mmpes, immortal, mirukuu, pesrmd48 dan lain-lain.



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