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PES 2017 Stadium Pack Collection


PES 2017 Stadium Pack Collection (41 Stadiums)

Preview Stadiums

– 41 Stadiums HD with exterior
– Compatible with any Patch
– Includes HD Pitch
– Support DLC1.00 + Konami Patch 1.01 or 1.02


– Download & Unrar files.
– Copy cpk files in DOWNLOAD Folder.
– Choose NO DLC in Dpfilelist generator tool v1.8
– Finally, generate dpfilelist.bin.
– Play.

Credits: Estarlen Silva and all the stadium kitmakers. Credits will be updated.


  1. How can I restore default grass for all stadium, I don’t need HD ? Grass is very bad when I play game because I play PES on low resolution. Can you help me?

  2. Can u make “stadium bukit jalil” home ground of malaysia…it will nice for malaysian user…haahahahahahaha…tq

  3. there is an error with the camp nou stadium to play with the blimp camera

  4. Bro you are the best, i salute you for this great stadiums, i have been downloading different patches with all of these stadium but end up being disappointed, this stadiums are best please add more

  5. Hi. Great Job
    I have one question:
    Why in the FEATURES you write “Support DLC1.00 + Konami Patch 1.01 or 1.02” and in the INSTALLATION you write “Choose NO DLC in Dpfilelist generator tool v1.8”?
    Doesn’t support DLC1.00?
    thank you

  6. please optimize it to low graphic setting as well. its laggy when played in low settings. Please!! would suggest this patch to all my friends

  7. camp de mestala have a bug, when i played on FA cup in master league. how to fix that . thank you.

  8. I can’t change Home Ground CHELSEA from KONAMI Stadium to Stamford Bridge
    Why? How? Can anyone help me?

    Saya ga bisa ganti home Chelsea dari konami stadium ke stamford bridge.. Gimana caranya ya?

  9. same with me. I think this stadium just for medium and high users. :(
    Maybe we must wait somebody make stadium for low users :)

  10. that is a great patch bro, but when playing master league with arsenal,most of epl teams are wrong with their correct stadium name and stadium settings however i had edited their correct stadium name and setting in team edit mode already.not only epl teams but also other league teams which have no their home ground like this.

  11. Why stadiums names didnt appear at the ML? i have stadiums names only at exebition match. but not at ML. Do u have any solution?

  12. I just got 13 stadiums. I am using pte patch v2.0. I already choose No dlc in dpfile list generator v1.8. Why?

  13. I’m running PTE 2.1 with Fruits Overhaul 2.1 and MasterEffects ( the game’s a beauty) with 22 stadiums…Even after installing this, I’ve got only 22 stadiums.

  14. For those who play with low quality and the pitch looks so bad when you play at night… Open the “Run” command (Win+R in my case) and write “dxcpl”, then click at “Edit list” and add the files of settings and the game .exe; after that (in the first window) on “Debug Layer” select “Force Off”, at the bottom on “Device Settings” select “11_0” and check “Force WARP”; finally click on “Apply”. Then you should be able to change the queality of the game in settings.
    (You can try this if you are forced by the game and not because your pc can’t run it with a higher quality, otherwise it could run with lag)

  15. its too bright on konami stadium, im using pte 3.1 and tips to fix that? and yeah the line is also too bright and bold


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