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PES 2017 Stadium Pack Collection Updated


PES 2017 Stadium Pack Collection Updated

Beautiful-SweetFX Preview Pitch by NikosKont
Preview Stadium v3 Preview Turf

New Turfs for all stadiums (41 in total)
High Quality (Similar to PS4)
Exterior includes.
Compatible with All Patches.
Compatible with DLC2.0, 1.02 and 1.03
Added Snow Mode.
Added Skys.
Previous bugs Fixed.

sharemods tusfiles

– Download and Extract files.
– Copy StadiumPackCollection_1, StadiumPackCollection_2, StadiumPackCollection_3
StadiumPackCollection_4 into download folder.
– Generate DpFileList.Bin using DpFileListGenerator Tool v1.8
– Play.

Cpk Order StadiumPack collection

Collection made by PES Master.

Credits: Estarlen Silva, donyavia, NikosKont, stadium makers and graphic designers.

(will be updated)


  1. Este pack es un plagio, son los archivos del Repack_Stadium_donyavia, NGPR_Pro_PREMIUM, Repack_Exterior y BUILD UPDATE 2.0.0 AIO… Ninguno es trabajo tuyo, deberias poner credito de los autores originales y no cambiarles el nombre de sus trabajos….

  2. DAFUQ
    (390 Mb x 14 parts) + (42 Mb x 1 part) = 5502 Mb == 5.37 Gb

    Why can’t you upload this to better servers (MEGA.nz) in 4 or 5 parts ?? Why put users in so much trouble ??

    Also, no HD screenshots, no clear explanation with examples ?? C’mon !!

    PS: A torrent would be appreciated.

  3. why there is 2 alianz arenas in slots Stadium 5 and Stadium 22 ? Also Mestalla has adboards accros the 2nd floor and there is FIFA 15 ad . Realy ????

  4. This is also the stupid bug (“feature”) in Donyavia’s 41 Stadium Pack.

    He has “41” stadiums, which actually is just 40 stadiums, just that Allianz Arena is repeated.

    Really ??

  5. Critical Problem !!! I Play ML for Valencia. When i score goal GAME FREEZES !!! Comentary sound is ok, there are talking about the goal and etc . BUT PICTURE FREEZES WHEN I TRY TO SKIP REPLAY !!! IF i dont skip replay never appears and players are stuck in the corner. It happens not in every game , but in several. I had donyavia pack before and it happened there too. ONLY ON MESTALLA !!! PLEASE FIX IT !!! PLAY ML for VALENCIA , try it . You will reproduce this issue .

  6. This is unplayable because of the snow, you made very high quality mod, why would you add snow when it is clearly very low quality. Can someone tell me how to remove the snow part? it is very ugly.

  7. yes there is this bug in edit mode but if you choose a stadium in an other modeyou see 40 stadiums and not two allianz stadiums

  8. there is a bug for the stadium San Paolo. when I select it in the game appears the stadium Olimpico.


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