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PES 2017 Snow-Mod 3.2 by Juce [Sider module]


PES 17 Snow Mod Update 3.2 by Juce [Sider module]

Download Snow Mod PES2017

I experimented a bit more with snow textures, and i made another version of “snow-switcher”, using a slightly different approach: the module is trying replace as little as possible – only the DDS textures related to the pitch, and the rain particles. (Orange ball is also used for all snowy matches). Seems to work well…

3.2 Fixed a bug related to orange ball usage. Thanks, @digitalfoxx


Works without any visual glitches with all the stadiums i tried so far: original ones from the game, Turk Telecom and Ulker Stadium by @Yucel11, and Stade Louis II (Monaco) by @Tunizizou.

All artwork and ideas by: @Wolves85, @Ethan2, @kilay, @-cRoNoS-
Big thanks to those guys!

Changelog: Snow Switcher 3.0

– new: added back 4 types of snowy weather: “snow-light-day”, “snow-light-night”, “snow-heavy-day”, “snow-heavy-night”. They differ slightly in the amount of snow on the pitch
– new: added configuration file (snow-mod3.ini), which allows to tweak things like: remove lines or keep them during snowy matches, use orange ball or not, and also probabilities of snow vs rain, and light snow vs heavy snow.

As before, all credit for artwork and ideas: @Ethan2, @kilay, @Wolves85, @-cRoNoS-.

Some converted stadiums (like Stamford Bridge) still don’t work right: no snow on the ground. This is possible to fix in theory, by creating a different set of textures to replace for those kinds of stadiums. But that’s beyond my spare time… If anyone wants to give a try – you’re welcome to take the module and modify it further.

Changelog: Snow Mod 3.2


– [new]: following @Ethan2 ‘s idea: it is now possible to set “no_lines” and “use_orange_ball” settings per snow condition. You do it in the snow-mod3.ini file. Here is an example of settings:


Changelog: Snow Mod 1.0


This is a very simple example of how a random snow switch can be done: when stadium conditions are determined before the match, the module checks if it is rain and winter, and then switches rain to snow with approximately 50% chance.

if you use stadium-server by @zlac, then you need to make sure that you put snow-mod.lua above StadiumServer.lua in sider.ini. Like this:

lua.module = “snow-mod.lua”
lua.module = “StadiumServer.lua”



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