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PES 2017 RP Stadium by RianArdi


PES 2017 RP Stadium Patch by RianArdi

General Features :
– 42 Slot Stadium
– Improved all Pitch like PS4
– Small line, Turf HD and improved effect lighting stadiums
– Natural Color, Light and Effect
– Support Low, Medium and High mode
– Animated and Led adboard
– Five Model 3Dpitch
– Real Color Pitch
– Exterior (Emirates, Old Trafford, Bernabeu, Camp Nou, Allianz, Giuessepe Meaza, San Siro, Etihad)
– LAG Remover
– Compatible with all patches

Include Fitur :
– Frost Pitch, Unreal Pitch, Estarlen Silva pitch
– Upgrade Stadium NextGen by Ugly Thing & Mjts
– New Stadium Preview
– Real Sky HD
– Graphics PS 4
– And Any More

Bonus Fitur : (harus menginstal multiswitch by MjTs-140914/sider)

– Tunnel (Emirates, Old trafford, Bernabeu, Campnou, Allianz, Giuessepe Meaza, San Siro, Stamford Bridge, SIP)
– Include Stadium on server (11 Stadium and 2 La Liga)


Thanks and Credits:
Konami, Peslover, Estarlen Silva, Black Bull Ecuador, Txak, SXSXSX, TwistedLogic, tizziano, PantelG7, vangheljs, PES Profesional patch for Millenium stadium
Konami, Boonaun, Shrief Elafify, Fruits, Lagun2
Donny Avia, Za Man, Abid Nabawi, chosefs, Tran Ngoc, Ali nabil, Redux, Cris, InMortal, Supalids, Ugly Thing, Mjts, Azmods, aziz setiono, pribowo subekti, muhammad jana, Awaludin Aco, bagaskara ladrang pamungkas,mochammad nur alif, ade vodhka All Stadium Maker and many more …
Special Thanks for Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala


  1. اسمع انشالله دخول اللعيبة للملعب عبر المدخل وليس عبر الجماهير كما هو فى اغلب باكات الملاعب

  2. طيب يا باشا الملاعب فيها اخطاء اثناء دخول الملعب ولا مداخلها صحيحة… نرجو الرد

  3. Preview before kick off on locker stadium is black bro,why?professionals patch not compatible?fix.allstadium done,multiswitcher 4.0 done,what else lacking?

  4. Stadium repack is not 51 on list repack stadium but 41 standart stadium?what’s trouble?


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