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PES 2017 PTE Patch 8.0 AIO By Uzumaki CH


PTE Patch V8.0 All In One For PES2017 By Uzumaki CH

Download PTE PATCH 8.0

– อัพเดทตลาดนักเตะฤดูกาล 2018/2019 (Transfers)
– อัพเดทชุดแข่งนักเตะฤดูกาล 2018/2019 (Kits)
– อัพเดมินิเฟสจัดแผน 7500+ ฤดูกาล 2018/2019 (MiniFaces)
– อัพเดทหน้านักเตะใหม่เพิ่มกว่า 6500+ (New Faces)
– อัพเดทรอยสักนักเตะ 700+ (Tattoos)
– อัพเดทสนามแข่ง Stadium Server 250+
– อัพเดทสกอบอร์ดรันอัตโนมัติ (Scoreboard All League)
– อัพเดทถ้วยแชมป์ (Trophy)
– อัพเดทอนิเมชั่นนักเตะในเกมส์ (Animations)
– อัพเดท [GamePlay] PES 2019 For PES 2017
– อัพเดทเมนูในเกมส์ (New Menu)
– อัพเดทเพิ่มความคมชัดในเกมส์ PES 2019 For PES 2017
– อัพเดทรองเท้าใหม่+ถุงมือใหม่+ลูกฟุตบอลใหม่ (Boots, Gloves, Balls)


Credits: Uzumaki CH, PTE TEAM, KOMAMI, SS TEAM, Az Mods, De_vo17, MjTS-140914, Sofyan Andri, Rizki23, Muhammad Adli, Empire, Geo_Craig90, tauvic99, Awaluddin Aco, Eddie Facemaker, G-Style, Ginda, ONE TWO PATCH, Immortal Patch.


  1. Could you show your CPK file stuctur? Seems i have problems with some bundesliga faces = wrong face to the wrong player.

  2. Δεν μου εμφανιζει τα σταδια παρακαλω βοηθεια

  3. Παιδια δεν μου εμφανιζονται τα σταδια μεσα στο παιχνιδι.Τι κανω?

  4. How do I get Stadium Server working as all I get when I select the home team is the name of the ground (Etihad Stadium for example) but it always ends up as Konami Stadium. Please help as otherwise it is a great patch

  5. I solved the problem. Stadiumserver.Lua file was missing so I downloaded it and added it to the patch – Stadium Server now working!!

  6. Found the problem! It was the patch faces that was making the game crash. Both Faces cpk files removed and game fully working.

  7. Hi, I’m on patch 3.0, do I need to download and install the previous patches to install this one? Or can I put it directly on my current version?

  8. Pls i need the step-by-step installation process.because after following the youtube video installation process, when i open the game it shows me a blank screen.i.e its not loading up.pls i need help.thanks

  9. Pes 2017 uzumaki 8.1 showing not working, I have reloaded the windows nothing is still happening


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