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PES 2017 PS4 Option File AGN 1.0


PES2017 Option File For PS4 ( AGN 1.0 ) – The First ever OF.

Preview AGN 1.0 InGame

– English Premier League Patch – EPL – BPL
– Correcting the Spanish league – Liga BBVA – La Liga Fix
– Correct Italian league – Serie A Fix

Includes kits, emblems, logos, photos, coaches and stadiums.


This option file work only on PES 2017 PS4. How to Install : click here.

1. On your USB stick create a PES-related folder to store the option file. The file needs to be called “WEPES” for your console or PC to recognise the folder.

2. Head onto your PC and download the option files from one of the myriad PES-dedicated sites, or you could follow this link here which we used ourselves, download the zip and extract its contents. Then, click and drag the files onto your USB stick and into the PES folder. Note that we had a bit of trouble when downloading the file on Mac, so grab it on PC and stick it onto USB that way to avoid potential issues. You’re now ready to add them to your game!

3. Boot up PES 2017 and head into Extras – Edit, scroll down to Data Management – Import/Export.

4. After selecting “Import Team” a text box will appear stating “You can import images saved onto USB Flash memory.” It’ll warn of a cap on the number of imports, but don’t worry about that.

5. Select all of the files in the list and hit next. Leave “select team import data” and Apply player and squad data” un-ticked and hit next. The game will then begin to automatically import them into the game for you. All the kit files will process and you can just sit back and have a cup of tea.

6. After the processing has finished, save your game. Now you’re all done! The kits will be in the game and you can finally enjoy them in all their glory.

7. Now if you want to also import badges and emblems, this needs to be done manually. To do this go back into import/export and click “import image”. Select “competition emblems” to import images in the correct image size, otherwise they’ll look a bit off. Tick “import selected images” and choose all the league badges you want to bring across. You must then, after importing, choose which emblem goes where (for example swapping the English League badge with the Premier League logo).


  1. Não vai ser possível importar option files no Xbox One porque há uma restrição da Microsoft que não permite importar

  2. When i install the patch with kits and emblems i start the game, is everything ok but when i come to top menu i lost all off them i dont know what happening. how i can install permanent all of kits and emblems


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