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PES 2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017 v4.2 by Cristiano92


PES 2017 PS4 DFL OF 2017 Update 4.2 by Cristiano92

PES2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017 4.2 by Cristiano92
OF DFL 2017 PS4


YOU NEED 4.0 to install 4.2. Full version 4.0 @ mediafire: click here.

Update 4.2:



You can now import all Teams at once due to Konami’s new 1.02 patch.
Remember you have to import all created Teams (MLS, LIGA MX, CL and EL Teams) and all NationalTeams after the update AGAIN!

The 27th october konami pack doesn’t destroy the OF.
However, if you make Live update, it destroy the OF and you’re obliged to ré-import all the created teams and all unlicensed teams (check 2nd box for these teams)
The konami live update brings few players (Mongongu to Montpellier, Chamack, Bamba, Hoilett, Richardson to Cardiff City…) quoting nicoultras. Live Update is not mandatory.

VERSION 4.2 with 2.Bundesliga (replaces Serie B)
Corrected National teams and missing LA and NY Emblems.

You do not have to import 2.Bundesliga if you dont want to. But if, you have to switch Serie A and Bundesliga Teams

(- If you’re new extract the AllInOne Zip and drag the folder in WEPES)
– Decide if you want Liga MX or a mix of latin american teams, drag the folder in WEPES
– Decide if you want J-League or not, drag it in WEPES or not
– Drag “WEPES” to your usb drive
– In editor go to data management, import, import teams, select 15-20 (select all with the same prefix ENG1, GER1 …) exports and cross “Apply Player and Squad Data”
– save everything and import the next 15-20 exports
– you have to import the competition logos yourself and add them, also change the name of the leagues

Known Issues:

If the game crashes on a specific team try importing it seperately.

If you have “._koln.bin” like files DONT IMPORT THEM, it’s a common issue when using a mac.

In Friendly Mode always deactivate Live Update (R3) or you can not use correct squads.

If you want to play with a friend offline, do not switch turn the 2.controller on before team selection.

If the game tells you there are not enough players in the teams: Go to “Created Players” Section and delete every player listed as free agent with Triangle.

– FULL MLS in my file by R8cha
– Bundesliga Creation Thread Faces
– erzo77 exports
– MLS base by r8cha, kits by PESWorld
– some other kits in nationals teams and championship by pesworld
– valencia5 for latin and european teams
– Team Export Share Thread
– angeltorero europe nt exports
– Kits by angeltorero and 4N63L/SelfBias, CarrascoLive1
– Paul2478 for some Stats, PSD for some stats
(will be updated soon.)


  • with OFs, you must do first LIVE UPDATE then import OPTION FILE from USB.
  • if old teams appear, when selecting team in exhibition for ex, press R3, then go back once, twice and then return to the new league, will now show correctly.
  • if you can’t use second controller in match with friend, read this to fix “Use of User-Generated Media Is Not Allowed”.


  1. Es gibt ein Problem mit der 2. Bundesliga! Wenn ich die Bundesliga mit der Serie A tausche hab ich standard mässig 20 Teams drin, die Bundesliga hat nur 18 und das lässt sich leider nicht ändern! Sonst alles Bombe!!!

  2. what do you mean about this “VERSION 4.2 with 2.Bundesliga (replaces Serie B)”?

    // v4.2 adds a new league and replace an existing league in game. if you want.

  3. Hi,
    but…..where are the teams of the Second Bundesliga? In version 4.2 there are the files of the teams of the first bundesliga …
    you can be more specific please?

  4. the bundesliga that is inside of wepes 4.2 is the same of v4??? or there is an update in version v4?

  5. I habe Problems with the new faces of the official konami dlc, for example Son, Xhaka,Lamina….if I go to the edit Mode i cant See the new faces of the Player its still a “Dummy” the Same in the Master league.
    If i do a friendly Match and make the Live Update sometimes the faces are there.
    Nur eben i do the Live Update in the Modus Menü the faces are not original!
    Can someone gife me a hint?

  6. Hi,sohbet.
    Are you installed this patch?
    I have a problem can you help me.
    I format my usb to fat 32 and then copy wepes folder in my usb with all content.
    then connect my usb to ps 4 and go to data management and import but not loading any files?
    I don’t know why?
    Written image not found.

  7. I have a problem can you help me.
    I format my usb to fat 32 and then copy wepes folder in my usb with all content.
    then connect my usb to ps 4 and go to data management and import but not loading any files?
    I don’t know why?
    Written image not found.

  8. Will there be a new update on J league? The team are not 100%correct, some team did not have a kit and some players are default players, only names are changed.

  9. “You do not have to import 2.Bundesliga if you dont want to. But if, you have to switch Serie A and Bundesliga Teams” I dont get that. How can i do it? do I have to delete everything and start over or hav can I chage it that Bundesliga and 2 Bundeliga are in the same competition?!

  10. Hi,I Install all of one Patch and My Konami Update 1.02 Like that Xhaka,Son, and etc have a dummy faces anybody Can Help me?????

  11. you can switch teams from league to league within the editor… once u import 2nd bundesliga it replaces Seria B (2nd italien league). The PES League (fantasy league) wich have been used for Bundesliga 1, doesnt have a second league. thats why u need to switch Seria A teams to PES League and Bundesliga Teams from PES League to Seria A. After that rename and Import Bundesliga Images to Seria A and B. And taddaaaa you have 1st and 2nd Bundesliga … Rename PES League to Seria A and Import Images for Cups etc. and ur done…

  12. u dont need 3.2 if u had just apply 4.0 then 4.2 but there will be things not ok for now, becuase Konami Datapack 2 was released and we need a new patch again

  13. Hi
    Can I use new created teams (like Bayern for e.g)
    When playing offline everything is fine (after canceling the live update) but when I go online match so it does the live
    Update automatically and you can’t cancel it.
    And then you don’t even see Bayern (I already transferred Bayern to “other European teams”).

    Please please, any solution for that?

    Thank you!

  14. Is there a chance that there will be a update of this OF soon (like version 4.3) which is compatible with the last Konami patch? I really love this OF and would really appreciate if I could play Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga again. Thank you in advance.

  15. dont think so, christiano stole many things from other patches, for example pes galaxy patch. now they restricted him from releasing any new Option Files..

  16. Help!

    Should any team players show up correctly in exhibition mode? If yes, how can I make it work?..
    The logos and kits show up correctly.

  17. Hi
    When I activate 2nd controller, I lose all updates. How can I prevent this, when friends/family come over with there own controller pads

  18. When i turn on the second controller e can’t access to the game updated, what i do do change that?

  19. i can’t load the competition logos as there is ‘._’ added to the file name(using Mac). How to fix that please?

  20. Thumbs up for this comment – thanks. And huge respect to the guy/team behind patching these games.

    Installed PES last week, going to install the patch tonight, hopefully all goes smoothly. The know errors above listed, is that happening to everyone? Those that have those errors, are they super annoying?

    One final thing, if ive started master league, apply the patch, will i get the old data/newdata/corrupt data….basically…will i have to start again :(

    cheers community – keep up the good work guys!!

  21. When will u post the new patch.. konami has release a new update 1.05.. need new update for dortmund roster now

  22. yes we need the latest update that adopt winter transfers 2016/2017…please Cristiano92 help us..


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