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PES 2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017 v2 by Cristiano92


PES 2017 PS4 DFL OptionFile 2017 v2 by Cristiano92


– FULL BUNDESLIGA (emblems, kits, complete squads,manager, stadiums)

DFL OF PES17 PS4 Version 2.0


– Fixed a bug (Leicester home kit, stadiums of ARS and TOT)
– Corrects missing coach in the Bundesliga
– Missing players in the Bundesliga added
– Added third jerseys at Bundesliga Teams
– Team colors in the Bundesliga updated, adjusted back numbers
– All values of Bundesliga players reworked completely (made weaker)
– Star Rating in Bundesliga is now realistic
– Kits of second English league Championship
– Added FC Copenhagen, Legia Warsaw and Celtic
– Emblems and names of Laliga 2 and Serie B.
– All the teams can be imported with checked box, transfers were integrated.




– missing managers in premier league
– missing hamburg.bin
– correctd southampton.bin
– added LIGA NOS


– Complete Bundesliga, all Kits, Emblems and Stats (some Faces)
– All Kits and Emblems, Managers for Premier League, Championship, La Liga, Serie A, Liga NOS
– Some corrected Nationalteams
– Correct Stadium-Names and pictures

– Drag “WEPES” to your usb drive
– In editor go to data management, import, import teams, select 15-20 exports and cross “Apply Player and Squad Data”
– save everything and import the next 15-20 (game crashes when importing to much at once)


If the game crashes on a specific team try importing it seperately.

IF you have “._koln.bin” like files DONT IMPORT THEM, it’s a common issue when using a mac.

– Bundesliga Creation Thread Faces!
– Paul2478 for some Stats, PSD for some stats
– wehk Serie B and Championship Emblems/exports
– erzo77 Liga NOS exports
– exports by cypes
– Kits by angeltorero, 4N63L and Friends


  1. hallo wie lade ich die Datei runter wenn ich auf mediafire klicke öffnet sich eine neue Seite und dann passiert garnix.
    hab einen macbook kann mir da jemand weiter helfen. dankeeee

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for all the work and time spent on this.

    I have what may be a silly question for many – In order to use “PES 2017 PS4 DFL OptionFile 2017 v2 by Cristiano92,” do I have to first install “v1.1 by Cristiano”?

    Thanks again,

  3. I imported this version. Leicester home kit still not showing King Power. Do i have to delete old version first? if so how do i do it? thank you for hard work.

  4. My teams are all mixed up! June have Everton’ emblem. Appreciate all the effort made by this creator but seems to be a few problems.

  5. Had a previous OF by other team. / or if had previous 1.1 version….
    Went to data management and choose to delete ALL images. Then… as tutorial says:
    Imported all bins, 20 each time, saved, no errors.
    Rememeber to save after each insertion, and remember what you did previous.
    To add competition logos as tutorial shows, removed the usb, deleted all and let only competitions logos on usb in same WEPES folder. (it’s easier than check in the +500 files the logos, you’ll miss ones.)
    Insert USB and easy import images for competitions, go as tutorial and load image logos added and edit the competitions name. Save.
    All done in 30minutes-1hour.
    Nice. Thx. Now game look great on PS4 as well. Waiting for updates ;)

  6. Hey, I installed the first version, and checked the first box when transfering the bundesliga teams. what boxes should i check with this one and when. I do not understand this sentence: “All the teams can be imported with checked box, transfers were integrated.”

  7. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit dem Download. Wenn ich den Button Mediafire anklicke passiert nichts. Ich werde weitergeleitet auf shink.me aber dort geht es dann nicht weiter.?


  8. bei mir funktioniert es auch nicht. Finde das ganze auch etwas komisch. hab bei shink.me ein Konto und trotzdem geht es nicht. Solltest du was raus finden sag mir bescheid.


  9. Ja das stimmt wohl. Probier mal PES Galaxy dort haben sie schon einen funktionierende OF leider noch ohne BULI. Soll aber bald nachkommen.

  10. New teams need some updates btw, I can help with something. For example Legia player Kucharczyk, you made him Bulgarian, but he is Polish, and he appeared in Bulgaria national team. Some players are no more in Legia, and some are transfered in. I can make you complete list if you need help. :)

  11. I don’t really know, but I think its because modded sqads are loaded from edit file, and they can’t work with live form sqads. So thats why we have to choose live sqads or editted everytime.

  12. Nach dem letzten Update sind machen Kader falsch.
    ZB bei Barcelona,Athletico oder Paris fehlen Neuzugänge.
    Sind dann bei den Vetragslosen.
    Spieler wir Kramer,Mosiander oder Kuba gibt es jetzt doppelt. In den Buli Teams und bei den Vertragslosen.

    Bei Porto,Sporting oder Besiktas fehlen zB auch Tranfers.
    Van Wolfswinkel,Talisca,Andreolli,Padoin,Mane,Beto,Westermann usw.

    Vor dem Patch stimmten alle.

  13. Hallo das Spiel stürzt beim Editieren immer ab aber erst ab Malaga.
    Und wenn ich dann Neustarte sind alle vorher editierten wieder weg.

  14. Probier vielleicht mal nur max. 19 Team Files auszuwählen, dann importieren, zurück gehen und speichern und dann dort weiter machen wo du aufgehört hast. Etappenweise funktioniert es ohne abzustürzen.

  15. Ich komme garnicht dazu was zu importieren er verlangt immer das ich mich im PlayStation Network anmelde … Was tun

  16. Why does no one mention the limit to the number of kit slots or is it just me? I maxed out at the start of Liga NOS. Seems there’s the option to have ‘smaller’ sized kits. Anyone know if this makes any real huge difference to the quality? Also any tips how to convert?

  17. hi, ich kann nur im einzelmodus ohne zusätzlichen controller die importierten Mannschaften und Controllerbelegungen benutzen.Sonst kommt die Fehlermeldung das der “USER1” nicht darauf zugreifen kann. Habt ihr auch die Probleme?

  18. Hey guys,i’ve just finished both BPL & La Liga kits,emblems & logos..But the problem I’m facing now is how come there’s no images for La Liga managers?And I do have those Bundesliga kits but Bayern Munich emblem is missing..What should i do??

  19. Btw,what is the total files once we have already install it?I had 990 folders saved inside the (S)..but some of them are crashed..

  20. It would be great if u guys can add up player’s tattoos..I’m sure this time round we do beat Fifa gamers!Keep up the good job guys & keep us all updates..


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