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PES 2017 PS4 BOE Patch by Chris Davies


PES17 PS4 Chris’s Best Of Everything (BOE) OF and Graphics

Download PES2017 BOE Patch Version 2

I started out by putting together an option file for my personal enjoyment and thought I’d share it with you – I didn’t want to lose out by using one option file over another, or by combining two different files and losing half of what the first one applied (or suffering from duplicate players).

Now, here we are – VERSION 2 (compatible with DP2) of my Best of Everything (BOE) file is ready, which was started from scratch, with lots of improvements!

As before, the aim of this file was to combine all data and images humanly possible, to provide the most complete option file (with the fewest bugs).

This file incorporates all the data from several big option files, and all of their subsequent fixes, plus literally hundreds of fixes of my own – as well as a lot of cool extras (updated banner text for most European teams, for example)!

This version is based on the last Live Update released in October 2016. All teams have been exported in order for all data to be “frozen in time” at the same date when imported, which I prefer.

Key features…
No duplicates (fingers crossed).
No fake teams or players (other than ones that shouldn’t appear in the Master League).
Real logos for all unlicensed teams.
Real competition logos for all competitions.
Includes the Bundes, MLS and J-League (replacing the fake European, American and Asian leagues respectively) as well as all current Champions League teams and all the best Latin American teams.
Real kits for all teams (including PESWorld’s super-detailed kits for the top European leagues) – I’ve even spent (far too many painful) hours making sure the player name / squad number / shorts number settings are right for most leagues (i.e. can be seen against the colour of the shirt and don’t obscure the manufacturer logo on the shorts).
All stadium images for the Bundes, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A – along with all Champions League teams, from the Netherlands, Portugal and Other Europe.
Correct stadium names for all teams along with customisation (different seat colours etc.) where appropriate.
All manager images for the Bundes, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Other Europe (including all Champions League teams), Other Americas and Other Asia.
Correct manager names for all teams*.
Custom banner text for most European teams, along with correct rivalry data for more entertaining derby days!
Tactical and lineup updates for most major European leagues and teams courtesy of a great little Operation Sports thread (but not “fluid formation” ones, as I felt the AI benefits more from having a selection of three standard formations).
*Managers have been left as they were at the start of the 16/17 season where possible, as some teams are currently managerless, but also to keep the data as close as it was to when the transfer window closed.

The only issue is that some stadiums (in Other Europe and Other Americas) have a plain “PES 2017” image set as their stadium picture, because there’s no way to unassign a stadium picture without resetting all stadium details and reinputting them (which I wasn’t prepared to do). If you’re not happy with that, once you’ve completed the import, just delete the “PES 2017” stadium image – then, you’ll only ever see the Konami default stadium image where a team has no stadium image assigned (unless you upload any additional stadium pictures)!

Lots and lots of people I need to thank (from this website unless stated otherwise)…


Cristiano92 for his wonderful DFL option file (including the Bundes), which I have used as the base for this, paul2478 for providing some of the stats that went into that file, valencia5 for his work on fixing duplicates and creating a log of his findings, Dorumagesu116 for creating the J-League, erzo77 for translating the first J-League file (and providing BIN files for other teams too), decoupe for pointing out a lot of additional duplicates and for translating the second J-League file, angeltorero for his national team fixes, nicoultras for his banner text and rivalry data amongst other things, R8cha for creating the MLS, Krebstar (of Operation Sports) for providing tactics info, Glen (of PESWorld) for giving permission for me to include their kits which I’m really grateful for, 4N63L and carrasco1live (Twitter name) for the remaining kits (of which there was a lot), and Larkylarkinho for his Championship stadium photos.

PES 2017 BOE Patch Version 2
PES 2017 BOE Patch Version 2 Fix 1
PES 2017 BOE Patch Version 2 for DP2 Update

PES 2017 BOE Patch Version 2 for DP2 – STANDALONE


Whether you had the BOE option file installed before DP2 or not, after DP2 is installed, you need to either reinstall the original BOE v2 and v2 Fix 1, then the BOE v2 DP2 Update – OR install the BOE v2 DP2 Standalone.

The instructions differ depending on which version you download. Full instructions are included in the README file in each download, and need to be followed to the letter. Please read carefully!


If you have any issues, please reply to this thread and I’ll look into them. I won’t have as much free time from now, but should there be any duplicate issues that apply to everyone, I’ll look at some kind of fix (if you use a “live update”, I can’t provide support, as your issues will be different from other people).


Collating all of this and plugging the holes, applying fixes, triple-checking everything is assigned as it should be, and then spotting that you can’t see some random team’s player names on the backs of their shirt because they’re both the same colour… It’s been an exhausting few weeks with a lot of logging off at 4am-6am and a very pissed-off missus. If you’d like to donate, then thank you, very, very much. I hope this option file provides someone with some happiness! DONATE VIA PAYPAL.


  1. Sorry but a little confused by your order of download! I have not used your download before another one that caused dupes and still contained wrong names so I want to overwrite with yours. Can I just run BOE v2 DP2 Standalone?
    “Whether you had the BOE option file installed before DP2 or not, after DP2 is installed, you need to either reinstall the original BOE v2 and v2 Fix 1, then the BOE v2 DP2 Update – OR install the BOE v2 DP2 Standalone.”

  2. I just bought the game and it downloads with DP3 by default. Your patch seems to be the best, so how about the compatibility with it? Or maybe you’re working on it and we need to wait a bit longer? Would like to know anything.

  3. hello i just bought a ps4 and i dont know what DPT, BOE etc means. can you please expain in a simple way how to instal it? thank you .

  4. BOE – Best of Everything (just a name of this patch).
    DP – Data Pack – free ‘dlc’ or update to the game that brings small cosmetic changes (boots, faces). The most recent is DP3.
    Instruction is written above and (I guess) in a file when you download.

  5. hello does this patch work on ps4 pro because I can’t find one that does

  6. Thank you my friend!!!! This was a HUGE help!!! And I’d like to especially thank you for including the sleeve badges and ball data in the extra text file!!! :)


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