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PES 2017 Professionals Patch V5.3 CAN Edition 2019 For PC


PES Professionals Patch 5.3 – Africa Cup Of Nations Edition

Download PES2017 Professionals Patch 2019 V5.3

– Fix classic players issue on Master League
– Add Africa Cup Of Nations Tournament Egypt 2019 (Graphic, Trophy, Scoreboard, Adboard, etc)
– Add all african national teams that qualified for Africa Cup Of Nations 2019
– Add latest squads to African nationals
– Add national anthems on high quality
– Add Copa America Mod (Graphic, Scoreboard, Trophy, etc)
– Add all Egyptian stadiums that hosts AFCON 2019 (Alexandria Stadium, Cairo International Stadium, El Salam Stadium, 30 June Stadium, Ismailia Stadium, El Suez Stadium)
– Add top summer transfers 2019 and more


Dpfilelist Order:

5.3 Settings

1. Make sure to install the 5.0 AIO version and update 5.1 and 5.2
2. Before installing the third update, go to the game folder and delete folder
PES Professionals Patch
3. Uncheck the third update and install it in the game folder
4. Open and go to the final tab and choose the mod of the African Nations Cup


Africa Cup Of Nations All Stadiums 2019

30 June Stadium

Africa Cup On Nations Scoreboard

Brazil vs Argentina

Cairo International Stadium - PESProfessionals Patch V5.3

Cup Winner Preview

Egy vs ALG

El Salam Stadium

El Suez Stadium

Face Previews

InGame Plan

Load Cup CAN 2019

Credits: Elmodamer, Hosamalfars, Sameh Momen, Pantel G7, Estarlen Silva, Hawke, Txak, Tunizizou, JesusHrs, Nemanja, Tamer gaad, Mo-Ha, Mauri, MarioMilan, vangheljs, cRoNoSHaCk, Znovik_S, Kairzhanov_21, MRI20, Wygno, Mohamed ElaRaby, Kanat, G-blues, Cronos, Mahmoud Ibrahim Fcb, Karioky facemaker, Kareem ElMohamdi, Lucas PR, WENS, Chiheb27 Facemaker, Mostafa Rezk,Mohamed Essam, Essam Mohammed, Adham Ehab, G-style, Ethan2, Antoine Adel Ramzi,Az Modz, Ahmed Hamdy, Ahmed Hassan Mido,Amigo face maker,Ayman khouakhi,Watermeloooo,Andrew Face Maker, Hassan Fathy, JAS, Ahmed Samo

Big Thanks To : Mohamed Gamal, Shrief Elafify, Ahmed ElShnawy, Mohamed Tarek Shawky, Mohamed Alahlawy, Shieka, Juce, Ronito


  1. type in google/youtube “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b)”, there are multiple solution like updating Net Framework or download msvcp110.dll/Microsoft C++/DirectX.

  2. hey plz help some teams player don’t see . like burundi,kenya,mauritania plz helpp

  3. hello.. i hv problem here. my scoreboard & replay logo were not working , its showing the default Pes 2017 scoreboard & replay logo …please help me !

  4. This is one of the most good patch ….but please the stadiums are too much saturated …the previous versions fixed this issue ….and there were some option on the professional sector.


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