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PES 2017 Professionals Patch Update V6.2 By MO7


PES 2017 Professionals Patch Update Version 6.2 By MO7

Download Professionals Patch Update 6.2

6.2 Features:
– Making the latest recent transfers in the Egyptian league and European leagues such as (Ahmed Fathi for Pyramids Club).
– Adjust the lengths and weights of some players.
– The Egyptian League teams are fully modernized.
– Update the new squad profiles.
– Adding new animation and new creations to make the game more realistic.
– Add new lighting similar to PES 2020.
– Adding faces to some young players in the Egyptian league and European leagues, such as (Ahmed Eid, the emerging player of Zamalek)
– Added huge faces that contain more than 100 new faces, including (Egyptian-European-African faces), adding the new Zamalek kits 2020 “the local league and Africa”.
– Legendary and exclusive Maud’s additions to the Masterclass by 2020 amendments to menus, conference rooms, and more.
– Adding a new and amazing graphics menu.
– Add a feature that changes the menus according to the league in which you play the Master League and be a legend and all the other tournaments.
– Added the start menu of the game, converted from PES 2020, very professional.
– Add the latest Pack Core new season 2020.
– Add the latest buck shoes to international companies such as (Puma – Adidas – Nike and other companies).
– Solve the problem of modification of the existing restrictions in the patch and add mod piece 2020.
– Adding Master League for all the famous teams (Al-Ahly – Zamalek – Real Madrid – Barcelona ……. and others).
– Adding the faces of the real coaches in the masterclass (Rene Filer – Patrice Carteron – Mohamed Aboutrika and Moein Al-Shaabani and others).
– Updating some aspects of the existing coaches with the Celtic, such as (Mourinho-Lampard, Zidan, etc.).
– Addition of referees kits for the Egyptian League.
– Add the corner flags of the Egyptian League
– Introductory Base 2020.
– Solve the problem of cutting the game in some matches and leaving the plan
– Adding a new and very enthusiastic gameplay and modifying the direct and R2 skills, and adding some other skills).
– Added a mini Face the BEST for Al Ahly and Zamalek, “a separate addition”.
– Add new sounds for Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the game “separate addition”.
– And other additions.

‘Single additions’

Mini Face Al-Ahly and Zamalek: [Link]




1- Install Patch Professional Edition V6;
2- Install the first update for the patch;
3- Install this update – enjoy!

[06/05] PES Professional 2017 V6.2 Option File Update By MO7


– Update line ups for the best teams.
– Convert more powers from PES 2020
– Fix ages of some players and so many more
– Updating teams for Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga and more
– Fix some problems like black or white skin
– And more


1- download the file .
2- copy the file to C:\Users\MO7\Documents\KONAMI.
3- enjoy.


  1. hey, can you fix dortmund home & away kit? there is bug at the back of kit, player name and the word dortmund sticky. just check it okay. thanks :)

  2. hi the link is work it just first cpatcha code is fake there is another one down okay .
    it just lite update for patch to fix some problems bro.
    you can download new kits for dortmund or wait for new update
    thank’s :)

  3. still can’t download the part 2 because of that survey. i really want to download this patch

  4. thank you so muchh! sorry for the hard times. I really appreciate it :D keep it up bro . I will continuously support youu

  5. Thanks for the patch MO7, I understand modders too need to make some from their works… surveys are fine, but please dont put tasks like installing apps as part of the survey, its very hard to complete such tasks.
    Does it need 6.1? Or only 6.0?

  6. hi ‘ the aashot web site there is a captha box at first don’t use it’s fake one for surveys and other okay just go down and you will find the real one click it and it will help you to get your link as other shortlinks webs ok and thank’s

  7. تم تثبيت الباتشات بشكل صحيح وفق التعليمات وضبط الإعدادات
    بنفس طريقة الفيديو وأضفت النسخة 6.2 عليه بنفس الطريقة
    ولكن فيه مشكلة اللعبة بتخرج قبل ما تبدأ أساسا


    1 PES 2017 Professionals Patch Data Pack Installer
    2 PES2017 Professionals Patch V6 19-20 AIO
    3 PES 2017 Professionals Patch Update Version 6.1 By MO7
    4 PES 2017 Professionals Patch Update Version 6.2 By MO7
    5 [06/05] PES Professional 2017 V6.2 Option File Update By MO7

  8. The captcha boxes keep opening ads but no access to the download link. now it’s asking to fill surveys…….This is not cool

  9. Hi! One request and a problem. Make players editable… a lot of young players data is not updated, when I tried to update stats of Braithwaite, his face got reset to some default face, i.e., his facepack disappeared. Let me know if there is already any existing solution or fix it in next update please.

  10. hi at first all links is working okay.
    you can change or update stats for any players bro then you will find that his face got rest to default
    you can fix this problem by finish your update then back one step then press (w) on keybord or (4) on Joystick then press yes and it will fix this problem bro .
    thank’s for you support and enjoy:)

  11. Did this fix UEFA Super cup scoreboard being replaced by Caf champions league scoreboard?

  12. i have some problem, if i will lounch the game.. the game crash.. need more solution..


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