Home Editing Tools PES 2017 Player Data Editor v0.1.0 By Devil Cold52

PES 2017 Player Data Editor v0.1.0 By Devil Cold52


PES 2017 Player Data Editor 0.1.0 By Devil Cold52

Preview Editor

General Info:

1- Player Edit
2- Team Edit
3- Language Settings
4- Teamcolor Edit

Player Edit:

-Player Name
-Player ID
-Kit Name
-Player Style
-Player Age
-Player Height And Weight
-Player Abilities
-Player Positions (Playable and Registered)
-Player Skils
-COM Playing Styles (When On The Ball)
-Player Motion (Dribbling, Kick Motion, Goal Celebration and etc.)
-Stronger Foot
-Injury Resistance
-Weak Foot Usage / Weak Foot Accuracy
-Player Import
-Player Export
-Player Transfer

Team Edit:

-Team ID
-Team Nationality
-Team Name
-Team Short Name
-Team coach ID (Write Coach’s ID To Change Coach of Team)

Coach Edit:

-Coach ID
-Coach Name
-Coach preview ID
-Team color Edit (Teamcolor.bin is needed)

yandex mirror

Teamcolor.bin file is located in dt10_win.cpk
in next version, there will be more features
Programed By Devil Cold52

Usage Video : click here.


Author: DevilCold52

Special Thanks: TeKo, Fatih Kuyucak, Mustafa U., Smeagol75, Rasuna, Onur Yilmaz, Tunabrain4cc.


  1. Thanks, at last the classic editor of PES , we apreciate the efforts of you the programmers of Turkey, Russia, Egypt, etc I mean of all the world that makes PES the best community of Videogame World on Modding.

    I have a doubt Why the mini face change to one empty gray player silloette when we edit a player appereance? Exist a form to avoid this and put a miniface for every player edited in internal Editor ?

  2. First of all I want to thank you. Secondly, We also don’t know why it happend on mini faces. We will try it in the future.

  3. Cool bro :) thanks for the reply. I already add it to exception. By the way when is the next version up? Hope you doing well.

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